CNUT 4.10 Linux


I run CNUT on Gentoo Linux and was able to bypass errors on previous versions with a simple rpm trick described here:

I am now facing a new kind of error where the installer searches for a previous uninstaller. 

I get this fatal error when the find command searches in the gvfs directory structure:

There has been an error.
Error running find / -type d -name uninstall_CNUT: find: ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs’: Permission denied
find: ‘/proc/9952’: No such file or directory
find: ‘/proc/9953’: No such file or directory

It would be nice if a new parameter to the installer was used to specify the original location of a previous installer to skip this error easily. 

An other option would be to just extract the files and manually install them where we want.

Thank you!