CNUT 4.10 won't upgrade 450's from 13.2.1

While farting around with my other issue this morning, I slapped the new CNUT 4.10 on my laptop.  Anyway, that didn't help that issue, but later when I went to update a directly connected "new-in-box" 450 SM from 13.2.1 to 14.2 (or any version in between that I tried), it spit back some java error saying it couldn't open a socket for 5x_cat120.img to transfer or some-such.

Reverting back down to 4.9.18 has resolved the issue.  Sorry I don't have the original error message.

Just FYI and all that.

Hi Steven,

Thank you for the heads up. I wiill look into the issue and will try to debug. I just want to confirm as to what OS are you using.


Vivek Gupta 

Windows 10 64bit

I can confirm too: Linux Centos.


We are aware of this issue. As a workaround, you can use CNUT 4.9.18 to get up to a 14.x release and then continue using CNUT 4.10 for further upgrades. 

We will resolve this in the next CNUT release.