cnWave v5000 seems to need random reboots

Hi everyone!

We have deployed 3 v5000 pop dn’s at a “trailerpark”, with only a few clients (1 dn has 3 cn’s connected, 1 dn has 2 cn’s connected, and the last one has 1 cn connected). As this “trailerpark” only is in use in weekends, most of the cn’s are powered off most of the time - some goes offline for a couple of months at “worst”. This makes it quite difficult for us to upgrade firmware - especially when release notes say “recommended to upgrade every unit at the same time”. Because of this, the firmwares are a mix of 1.0, 1.2 and 1.2.1.
The distances from the DN’s to the cn’s are from 30m to about 100m.

That said, I finally come to our issue:
Today is the second time in a couple of weeks we have had to reboot a DN to get CN link up and running after it had been offline for a period. This time it was another DN than last time - both times it was only one CN trying to connect. We did not investigate much before we rebooted the DN, so I hav no more information to why this is happening.

I’m writing this in hope that someone can give us some hints to what may cause this, or if someone has experienced the same issues?

We do not have much experience with the cnWave equipment (as this is our only site using cnWave at this point), so we are not that familiar with troubleshooting links on this platform.

Any help would be appreciated - thanks!

I wonder if this is the same problem that @Glenn_Wittrock has been having over at Wdog Reboot timer setting?

Thanks for your response Simon, but I do not think it is the same issue - we reboot the POP DN manually to get the customer cn to connect. It is not rebooting via watchdog or something like that…

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Hi Rambern,
Can you share field diags of CN , DN which you had rebooted and techdump of E2E controller.

related reference that would assist you to download above files


I’ve sent you the files directly to your email, but the attachments were quite large, so let me know if you don’t get it.

Hi Rambern,
I didnot receive the files.
Could you upload and share those files via google drive
How to "Upload Files in Google Drive and Share Link" (with Everyone) | 2020 - YouTube


I have sent a google drive link directly to you now.

Hi Rambern,
Thanks for sharing field diags and techdump of your E2E controller.

Below is my understanding and recommendation:

One of the important functions of E2E controller is to send ignition attempts (every 5mins) for any link reported as down until link comes UP.

Once you had powered up CN, it had linked up to DN and further I see E2E pushing new config (like L2 bridging,…) to CN which had triggered reboot of CN as expected.

But further, I don’t see any LINK_UP attempts by E2E, which seem to be odd (and cnWave team would need to investigate further).
Once you had rebooted DN, I see LINK_UP being triggered by E2E and resulting in successful link between CN and DN.

This could be due to mismatch in software at E2E, DN and CN
E2E (1.2) -----------V5K_Pop(1.2.1) ------------V1K(1.0)

I would like to recommend below TIPs to avoid reboot of DN
(a) Enable ignition and send Assoc for desired link


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Thanks for your rapid response Prasanna!

We’ll go ahead and try your tip next time this issue arises, but it would be great if we did’nt need to woory about it at all, so hopefully the cnWave team are able to find a more permanent solution.