COMING SOON: cnMaestro X - Beta Program Now Open

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for being a part of the Cambium Community and using cnMaestro. I wanted to give you the heads up Cambium will be releasing cnMaestro X for advanced management capabilities and will require a paid subscription. Don’t worry, the license free version of cnMaestro you know and love is not going anywhere.

cnMaestro X is compatible with the following solutions:

Below are a few cnMaestro X highlights:

  1. Support for Software Defined Radios, high-density Wi-Fi APs and the new 60GHz PTP solution
  2. Long Term Historical Data
  3. MSP features including managed tenant accounts & branding
  4. API and webhooks
  5. Higher limits for ePSK, admin accounts and captive portals

If you are an MSP or IT administrator managing 10+ clients or locations and would like to join our beta program, please Click Here.

Christy Meaney
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Wait - does this mean that the free version of cnMaestro is never going to give more historical data than it does now?

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Question - the standard version will not support new products? 60Ghz and etc.?

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Hi @alex_u-94, the license free version of cnMaestro will continue to support the Cambium portfolio, and new products too! it is not going anywhere, and we are committed to investing in cnMaestro for our diverse customer base.

We are excited about the new release, and are asking for beta users to ensure the voice of our partner community is heard.

Click Here if interested in joining the beta program.


we will be glad to see the new features.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

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Hi @ninedd. The license free version of cnMaestro gives you 7 days, and you can export your historical data to store as needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

:+1: We are excited too!

Click Here to join the beta program.

Request to join the Beta program is done!


There have been various things labelled “pro” that were free up to now, eg., reports. The word from Cambium had been that those things would eventually become paid items. Is that still the plan? Or will the features we currently make use of quietly roll into the standard edition, with X getting all-new features not currently in cnMaestro?


@Steven, love the profile pic. Yes, that is still the plan. The pro/beta features you are using are included in cnMaestro X. When officially launched, you will have 90 days to decide what works best for you and your clients. Your distributor will be able to provide pricing for cnMaestro X.