Community support for feature request

Hi folks, 

I posted this in the beta forum also, and I realize that not everyone takes part in that.

Trying to build some steam on the request I submitted into the "Ideas" section. If you are in support the link is here

It's been in "Not Yet Reviewed" for months now

Hi - a 'test settings' feature is a 100% necessary feature.

The good news is that 4.3.1 finally will have a 'Ping Watchdog' feature, and that's a pretty close cousin to a 'test settings' feature. Now that Cambium has a "reboot if you can't ping in x seconds" watchdog, it's a fairly simple matter to make a ''reset to last saved settings if you can't ping in x seconds'' feature too.

Ideally, a simple "TEST FOR X SECONDS AND REVERT" would be simplest, but if they need to work in inside the 'Ping Watchdog', that'd be better than nothing too.  So, the good news is, this will probably be seen pretty soon. :) 

Test mode is already included to short list of features Cambium Networks is going to deliver.

On the "short list" since Oct 2016 ...  The part about how he says they won't bother working on adding a  watchdog function because they are going to fix everything so that you don't need one is kind of funny.

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Yes, that was a head scratcher! It really spoke to Cambium NOT being in the real-world field, not being there at 2AM when something needs to be changed… and fearing that you’re going to accidently saw the branch you’re standing on.

I do appreciate that Fedor in this case was thinking that to address a bug, a watchdog is a kludge. But it’s not just that… its mainly for those configuration changes we all make to see if that’s better or worse… and oops, that totally screwed things up, so now we are driving and climbing at 3AM.

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