Configure DNS in PMP450 to use cnMaestro


Can someone tell me what settings need to be set in a PMP450 SM so the radio will ping? I am trying to use cnMaestro but the radio has DNS issues. I tried the help desk but they couldn't help.

The SM requires outbound internet access on port 443 (and port 80 for older ePMP/cnPilot firmware to support upgrades) in order to connect to cnMaestro.  What are you trying to ping?  The SM to cnMaestro, the ping tool in cnMaestro after the SM is connected, something else?

Here is the message i get.

06/26/2018 : 22:02:56 CST : : Attempting (re)connection in 5 seconds
06/26/2018 : 22:03:06 CST : : Not able to resolve , please add dns mapping
06/26/2018 : 22:03:06 CST : : OpenConnection to failed 
06/26/2018 : 22:03:06 CST : : Rand_bytes failed, error code : 0 
06/26/2018 : 22:03:06 CST : : Unable to discover cnMaestro URL (re-discover in 61 seconds)

I am trying to onboard a SM but it looks like there's a DNS issue but I know the port is open in my router. I was wondering if there is something missing in the radio needed to configure to make this access anything online?

What is the version running on SM?

Are you able to ping from SM device GUI tools page?


version 15.1.1

No i can't ping.

Was the SM ever connected with cnMaestro before or trying it for first time?

Is the parent AP to this SM able to ping from AP device GUI page?

This will be the first time that any device will be connected to cnMAestro.

Neither AP or SM will ping.

Please have a look at , this will help to get startred

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