On boarding the PMP Devices to cnMaestro Cloud or On Premises Server

PMP Devices can be on boarded to cnMaestro Cloud or on premises server in the following ways

  • Using Cambium ID and On boarding key
  • Using Serial Number
  • Using MAC Address
  • On Premises Zero Touch on boarding of AP/SM
  • On premises  on boarding using DHCP option 43 and 15
  • PMP SM Zero touch on boarding to the cnMaestro server where PMP AP is on boarded

Prerequisites for on boarding to cnMaestro :-

  • Device types supported are PMP 450m, PMP 450b, PMP 450 or 450i AP/SM, PTP 450 or 450i BHM/BHS and PMP 430 SM connected to PMP 450 AP.
  • Minimum required software build on the PMP device is 15.0.1

Device software images can be downloaded from support.cambiumnetworks.com or from the cnMaestro NOC  server itself by navigating to Operate->Software Update->Manage Images. Select your device type to display the available images, and then click the download icon

  • IP connectivity should be there between PMP Device and the cnMaestro  server (Port 443 should be open in the firewall as this port is used for communication between device and server through web sockets and also if the device and server are in different subnets proper route should be enabled for the communication between device and server)
  • For PMP AP DNS settings needs to be done so that the AP will be able to ping the cnMaestro static url . Once the settings are done please test the same by performing the DNs lookup  (Tools->DNS Test)

  • If the SM is in Bridge Mode then LAN1 should be in public accessbility with a public IP assigned and DNS settings . 
  • If the SM is in NAT mode then Remote Cofiguration interface should be using the WAN or standalone configuration options in order to talk to the cnMaestro.
  • IP Access Filtering should be disabled in the PMP AP/SM for the on boarding to cnMaestro to work fine.This is because the Cloud server IP may not be the same everytime and hence we can't allow this as an exception. Hence we need to disable the filtering or as an alternative customers can use the cnMaestro on Premises version if the devices has IP Filtering enabled.

For on boarding the devices to cloud server and troubleshooting the on boarding issues in cloud server please follow the following KB link


For on boarding the devices to on Premises server and configuring the DHCP server options for on boarding please use the following KB link


Order of Device On boarding:-

The device discovery order is as follows in cnMaestro NOC Server and if any of the options is not configured the discovery method will fallback to the next option

  • Static cnMaestro URL
  • Zero Touch token (on boarding of PMP SMs when the corresponding AP is on boarded)
  • Option 43
  • Option 15
  • cloud.cambiumnetworks.com

Device Agent Logs :-

For debugging any on boarding issues please check the device agent logs by navigating to

Logs->Device Agent Logs in the device or send the tech support dump files from the device to the cambium support team for debugging the issue. The tech support dump can be taken from the device from cnMaestro server by navigating to Monitor->Tools menu after selecting the particular device in the tree and clicking the tech support file icon .

Tools for PMP Devices in cnMaestro Server :-

cnMaestro server has many debugging tools. The cnMaestro’s tools are listed below:

Pictorial view of network hierarchy

Device status

Tech support file




Debug Logs

Network connectivity – ping and DNS lookup


For more details on these tools please refer to the following KB link


Zero Touch on boarding of the PMP SMs when the corresponding AP is on boarded :-

First the link should be established between the PMP AP and SM either by configuring manually or using the ICC method . Once the AP and SM link is established user needs to on board the PMP AP using the different methods outlined  above in the on boarding section. Once the AP is on boarded to the cnMaestro Cloud or On premises server the corresponding PMP SMs will on board automatically to the cnMaestro server using the Zero touch token that is communicated between the AP and SMs. This is applicable for the existing SMs connected to the AP or the SMs that will be connected newly to the AP. Once the PMP AP/SM appears in the on boarding queue of the cnMaestro server user needs to approve the devices in order to start managing the devices.

User can perform the following operations for the PMP Devices in the cnMaestro server

  • Monitor the device details in the Dashboard page for the Device by navigating to the Monitor->Dashboard menu and selecting the PMP AP/SM in the Tree
  • Monitor the Notifications related to the  PMP AP/SM by navigating to the Monitor->Notifications Menu and selecting the PMP AP/SM in the tree 
  • Monitor the device statistics in the statistics page for the Device by navigating to the Monitor->statistics menu and selecting the PMP AP/SM in the Tree and selecting the PMP AP or PMP SM in the Device type dropdown.
  • Monitor the Performance graphs related to the PMP AP/SM by navigating to the Monitor->Performance  menu and selecting the required performance graph for Throughput/SMs/Modulation Menu and selecting the PMP AP/SM in the tree  
  • Troubleshoot the device in the Troubleshooting page by navigating to the Monitor->Tools menu and selecting the PMP AP/SM in the Tree  
  • Configure the devices by navigating to the configure->Devices menu and selecting the PMP AP/SM in the tree and select the config template that needs to be pushed to the device.Configuration templates needs to be created before the configuration can be pushed to the device. The template can be created by copying the existing config from the view device configuration link provided in the same page and then modifying the template as per the requirements for pushing to the same device or new devices. Template needs to be properly reviewed for IP Address and the other parameters that are responsible for the link between AP and SM before they can be pushed to the devices. Config templates can be created by navigating to the Configure->Templates page  and selecting the PMP device type while creating the template.
  • PMP device either AP/SM can be upgraded to the latest supported version from the cnMaestro server itself by navigating to the operate->Software update page and selecting the PMP Sectors option from the device type drop down and the version to which the device needs to be upgraded.
  • PMP Device Inventory details can be checked by navigating to the Monitor->Inventory page