Configure Enterprise APs as Router Using cnMaestro

WLAN Settings

1.When setting up a WLAN ensure you change the VLAN from the native VLAN. Make note of the VLAN as you will need it when setting up the AP Group. In the Example below VLAN is set to 2.

AP Group Settings

1.Firstly we must create a DHCP pool which is found under ‘Network’ of the AP Group we are configuring.  Screenshot 2019-12-06 at 07.10.36.png

2.Once the DHCP Pool has been created we need to assign it to the VLAN we decided upon earlier. Go to VLANs under Network for the AP Group settings.

3.When setting the new VLAN set the IP address to static using the first usable address from your DHCP Pool and the same sub netmask. Ensure the NAT option is selected.


(For when you are not using cnMaestro)