How to configure DHCP Pool to give IP address to the connected clients on a ePMP HotSpot, E400/E500

Below are the steps to configure the DHCP pool on the ePMP hotspot, e400/500.

1. Network -> DHCP:-

Click on Create pool which is available on the right hand side of the page and enter the Pool ID.

Note: You may create upto 16 DHCP Pools.


2. Configure network Address range, Default gateway and DNS. Save the configuration.

3. Add the devices to the bind list using the MAC address of a device in case you want to reserve a specific IP address for any specific device.


4Network -> VLAN :-

    a. Add new interface to Create VLAN interface

    b. Configure IP Address ( same as created as gateway on DHCP)

    c. Check the "NAT" option to enable it so the client will get internet access.

5Configure -> WLAN:-

Create wireless SSID for VLAN created.

Now the client connect to this SSID will get IP Address from the pool configured on the device.


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