Configuring R200/201 as a file server (Samba/FTP Server setup)

This article describes the steps to configure cnPilot R200/201 as a file sharing server, and for sharing content with users connected to cnPilot R200/201 via LAN or WiFi .

Note: The shared content cannot be accessed through the WAN link.

This is a 3 step process, of loading the content to the USB drive at appropriate location, enabling FTP server on the cnPilot R200/201, and configuring Samba server on the cnPilot R200/201. The detailed steps are described below.

  • Connect your USB drive of a laptop or PC
              Create a folder “home” in the top level directory of the USB drive
              Inside “home” create another folder “anonymous”
              Copy content to be shared to folder “anonymous”

  • Connect the USB drive to the USB port of the cnPilot R200/201. 
  •   Login to the cnPilot R200/201 device GUI and perform the following configurations

           Setup FTP server on device
               Go to “Storage” TAB
               Within “Storage” go to FTP sub-TAB
               Enable FTP server, and also enable “Anonymous Login”

           Setup Samba server
               Go to “Storage” TAB
               Within “Storage” go to SMB sub-TAB
               Enable SMB server

               Add your directory to the "Sharing Directory List". Select the listed “public” folder, and give a folder name of your choice in the pop-up page.

  • Reboot the cnPilot R200/201 device.
  • Connect a WiFi client or a laptop/PC to the LAN port of the cnPilot R200/201.

In the browser on the WiFi/LAN client access the ftp location as:
Note: This is the default LAN side IP of the cnPilot R200/201


NOTE: USB Storage devices only with file system types, FAT/FAT32 are supported. Drives of NTFS / EXT etc format would not work with R-series.

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