Connect two PTP450i to the same switch


I am having some trouble connecting two PTP450i to the same switch. Each of them has its own link with other PTP. Both work separately(conecting only one antenna to the switch), the problem appear when I connect them to the switch,  that begins a massive broadcast and I can not reach the antennas (ping).

- Two cross over RJ-45 wire to conect each PTP450i to the switch.
- One of the PTP450i gives sync to the other through AUX port.
- They are in the same net with different IP address.

Any idea of what is happening?

Thank you very much.

Are you sure you're not creating a network loop? What you describe sounds like a network loop. A network diagram would help to show us what you have going on here.

Find attach  the diagram.


It almost sounds like you have the AUX port enabled for data, in addition to sync, creating a network loop.  Ensure that the AUX port settings under the Configuration>IP tab are not enabled (Power and Data).  However you would want to enable the following settings:

Radio #1 BHM Sync:

General > Config > Sync Source > Generate Sync

General > Config > Sync Output > Aux Port: Enabled


Radio #2 Receiving sync from BHM via AUX port:

General > Config > Sync Source > AutoSync or AutoSync + Free Run

General > Config > AP Type: Remote AP (not strictly required, but recommended)

The cables should all be standard patch cables connecting to the network equipment.  The cable connecting the AUX ports together will need a custom pinout.  See this post for the pinout (you only need the AUX port pins, blue and brown, since you are only passing sync and not power).

The easiest fix is to connect a uGPS/cnPulse to the two BHM's and configure them both for AutoSync + Free Run, but I think you are sending over more than just sync between the two AUX ports.