Connecting to cnReach

I am having troubles figuring out how to connect to the new cnReach radios. Can anyone help me out with this?


Plug in your laptop/PC to one of the ethernet ports and use IP from a browser to access the radio. Or can you let us know where you are stuck?


That is where I am stuck. Everytime it says site cant be reached.

Are you able to ping

If possible, can you please try a factory default:

I was not able to ping it, I had to make a crossover cable as well as change my IP address on my computer to to be able to communicate with the radio. Thank you for the replies!

Hi Kyle, sounds like you have it figured out.  In case others are searching this topic, the 01-20 user guide has instructions on page 1 (quick start guide) on accessing the user interface.  Section 2.2 also has some troubleshooting tips and instructions for setting your windows laptop IP address within the same subnet as the cnReach radio and for recovering an unknown IP address.  See below for an excerpt.  Regards, Bruce

Accessing the User Interface
The User Interface is accessed by initiating a secure HTTPS connection (or HTTP connection depending on the radio’s configuration) from a Web Browser, via direct Ethernet port connection or active radio link.
• Ensure that your laptop is configured with an IP address on the same subnet as the default IP address.
• Type https://<IP ADDRESS> in the URL box; i.e.
• If this is the first time attempting to connect via https the browser may prompt you regarding privacy. Certificates are usually associated with fully-qualified domain names and not individual IP addresses, so this prompt is completely normal.

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