Could a 450M 3GHz support 3900 - 3980MHz?

Thanks Ryan, do you know if the process for applying for the 3.9 licenses in Canada has been finalized? I’m having trouble finding clear information from ISED on the process. Is the process similar to what was used for the 3.65 licensing?


I would expect the licensing process to be similar as it is today. ISED still hasn’t finalized the technical requirements on the new spectrum. The new 450m radio will support 3900-3980 MHz however it won’t be available for use until ISED releases the spectrum.


Thanks for jumping in Ryan.

He is correct. The 450m hardware that will ship as of July (C030045A101B) will be capable of operation up to 3.98 GHz without degradation in performance, but can only be approved for use (in the new band) once ISED releases the new regulations, which has not yet occurred.


ISED released their decision in May 2023. Any updates on the timing of the 3 GHz 450m? Also, software calibration of the 450b was mentioned in this thread. Any updates on SM features and performance?

Yes, the decision was released, but the rules to test against are not yet in place. We believe the version of the 450m referenced above meets all the criteria set forth, and that the existing 450b can be updated and tested against the new rules (when released and available) as well.

There will be a slight degradation of total link budget in this band (3.9-3.98GHz), but I am still awaiting the final data to properly characterize this. Hope to have it within a month or so. Otherwise, the expectation is that the existing hardware can be utilized in the new band, provided ISED allows the software update that results in legal use (there may be a requirement to re-label the radio with a new ISED ID number).

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Thanks for the update Matt.

Any update on the IC certification of C030045A101B
Can the previous 450m and 450b units be upgraded to support the new band?

I also am interested in this, if the previous 450m and 450b units can be upgraded(software) to support the new band this would help us immensely!!

I believe the rules have been released:

Is there a rough timeline on when we can expect an answer ?

We are working to put together that timeline right now… we do believe that the current set of equipment available (i.e. the 3 GHz 450m and 3 GHz 450b) will work quite well in this range and easily meet the regulatory limits set forth in these rules. I will post an update when we have estimated timelines.


That is excellent news, thank you and look forward to it!

Bump! What’s the official word? Any news on progress for existing hardware and new SKU’s to better utilize the new band?

Any update to this thread for existing hardware? @CambiumMatt

The testing and approval process has dragged on for this, but we believe that yes, existing 450m and 450b radios will be approved for RSS-198, and be allowed in 3900-3980. They will operate in nearly the same way, and suffer very little degradation. (Note: Regarding the 450m, I am talking ONLY about the model that ends in “B”… there were hardware changes that allow much better performance in this spectrum.)

I expect the testing to be complete by the end of Q1, 2024.


Would this work for the 450i APs as well?

Unfortunately, the 450i hardware suffers more degradation as the frequency goes above 3.9 GHz. It is significant, to the point that Cambium would only recommend using 450m and 450b above 3.9 GHz.

So the A version 450m won’t work at all or just degraded performance?

Also, with the new Canadian rules out now will Link Planner be available to plan deployments with the lower power levels and geographic restrictions? We only have 60 days from February 19, that is April 19 to do our submission in the Early Access Window.

The 450b SMs do not currently support use of the 3900 band. Is there a looming software update that will unlock this for use?

The hardware must be in process for certification for RSS198 through ISED?

That’s correct… testing is in process. Still expecting to be completed before the end of Q1 (as above). A future software release will enable these frequencies for the current 3 GHz 450b radios (part number 3094HH).

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Does the latest Beta firmware have this range of frequencies?