Custom Factory Default Configuration

cnPilot R201, R200 and R190 supports custom factory default configuration. What this means is when router is factory reset, it will come up custom configuration/setting, instead of Cambium Networks factory default setting. This feature is available from release 4.5-R7 onwards.

For this you will need a tftp server and SNMP browser. Preferable tools for tftp server is tftpd64 and SNMP browser is iReasoning MIB Browser.

Custom configuration setting can be done from WAN or LAN side.  Below example, demonstrates factory default provisioning via LAN client.  For doing it from WAN side, Enable SNMP login from WAN.

Follow below steps to set your own configuration file as factory reset setting.

  • Configure router with parameter which you want to have as factory reset configuration.Save and reboot router.
  • Download configuration file from router.Copy downloaded configuration file in TFTP server.
  • Open a MIB browser and load MIB file,” cambium-ata-mib”, download it from cambium support.
  • Go to “downloadConfig” in MIB browser and set "enable" as 1 to enable custom configuration file as factory default configuration.

  • Set “downloadUrl” with tftp custom configuration file location. 

  • Set “downloadButton” as 1 to download custom configuration file to router.

  • Set “ApplyButton” to 1, to apply this configuration file as default factory reset configuration.

  • Reboot router
  • Router will save this configuration file as default factory setting .And whenever, factory reset is done, router will come up with this configuration.

To go back to cambium default factory reset setting. Select “DeleteButton” as 1.

  • Reboot router and do factory reset. Router will come up with Cambium Networks factory reset setting.


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