Default Access Parameters

Default IP address:

cnPilot R200/200P  :

cnPilot R201/201P  :

cnPilot R201W         :


Username      : admin

Password        : admin

Command Line Access:

Telnet              : Disabled by default, need to be enabled from Web UI.

SSH                  : Not supported.

Web GUI Access:

HTTP              : Enabled by default

HTTPS            : Enabled by default

Default SSID and Password:

Default SSID's in 2.4/5 GHz


Default Secuity / Password:

WPA2-PSK-AES / 12345678

Default Radio Status:

ON , default SSID will be broadcasted.


V2C Community Strings:  public, private

Change Settings:

Various access parameters can be configured from Web UI under “Administration” Section.

Administration ->cnMaestro             : To Enable Cambium remote management of this device

Administration ->Management         : Following access parameters can be configured from Management section

 Password Reset         : Password can be changed for different user type.

Web Access                 : Web access can be enabled/disabled and Web Port changes.    

 Telnet Access             : Enable Telnet, change port no and configure Allowed IP range.

Syslog Settings            : Syslog enabled by default, we can enable Remote Syslog.