Devices offline in one area

We have many devices that show major alarms and offline in the major alarms tab, but they are online and show as online in the dashboard view and are in fact online. I updated one sector to the 3.0 version thinking it was the "known bug" where devices show offline and they are not, and it is not.

Also when updateing to the new 3.0 version I had to do it manually because CNM had an issue with the update, after manually updateing the devices I am unable to delete the automatic updates as I get a message "the job you are trying to delete is incompleate. Also updateing to 3.0 blows away the CNM login from AP's and , F180's F200 radios and show waiting for approval.

Hi ,

The Alarms issue showing wrong status even though device is online is an issue in cnMaestro side , which is already a known issue and has been fixed. The fix will be available in the next release .Ā  This has nothing to do with theĀ  ePMP 3.0 Device build release.

For the second issue if i understand correct you are unable to delete the software update job from cnMaestro or from other product (CNM) . If it is from cnMaestro , please send us your cambium ID to the mail id . so that we can look into the job details and delete it if you want it to be deleted.



Im still having the same issues. I tried calling in but the support people dont understand and they do not support remote desktop to windows 10. The F180 and F200, and GPS enabled ePMP 1000 AP'sĀ devices show offline in the major alarms area, using 3.0. 2.6.1, firmware. Also I have devices that are in the Onboarding area that have been there for more than a week and still show pending. Why do we have to wait a week to onboard a device so I can monitor (and I use that word losely)?

I am finding that for monitoring my devices CNM is a useless tool and a compleate waste of time.


Sorry it's not been easier.Ā  I just sent you an email offline to walk through these items.Ā 


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Thank you Emilio for the lengthy call to get all of this resolved.

Im using the cnMaestro Cloud and am still getting most of my units offline Alarms even though they are online and can be accessed. After the overall upgrade to 3.0 almost 90% of my network show it has offline Alarms. This issue mentions resolved. Please let me know how to resolve this issue as currently the Alarm status is absolutely useless.

I have noticed one way to manually get rid of each alarm but is extremely lengthy process, because by logging into the web management of each radio that is currently in alarm state, go to the Configuration and System settings: In the cnMaestro settings all 3 fioelds are empty even though the radio in the status page sais it in connected. All I do is add the cnMaestro URL as without retyping the Cambium ID nor the onboarding key and save the changes and the radio reregisters to the cnMaestro and clear the alarm.

The only problem I have seen is that when the radio is power cycled or reset via the Web interface cnMaestro o0nce again sees the radio as a Major Alarm and down and does not refresh and clear the alarm state.

I hope this helps in debugging if this is a 3.0 or cnMaestro issue or a combination of the 2.

Hi Sebastian,

The incorrect Offline Alarm issue was a problem with cnMaestro that we developed a fix for.Ā  The fix will be rolled out in the next official release.

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Will the update be addressing both Alarm display issues?

1. Number of active alarms showing as 16 even though there are no alarms in the alarm list

2. The Alarms not being updated to Inactive even though the Link no longer has a problem and has to be manually Ā“provoced from the radio side to be updated.

Thank you for your support.

Yes, the alarm count should be correct and the down alarms should be updated to inactive after the device connects to cnMaestro after deploying the update.

Picking up from this issue ,im on latest Version 1.6.3-r17.

7 E410 Access Piont are installed and every day or 2 one or randomly say is offline while its still working .

all of them is connected to same switch .Why would this be happening .

Does the Ap lose heartbeat to cnmeastro server or is it a bug.

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