DHCP not working on VLAN for Hotspot


i have a network that is setup like this on the picture (simplified):

Mikrotik vlan1 - mgmt 192.168.x.x
Mikrotik vlan30 Hotspot 172.16.x.x

Mikrotik has Vlans 1 and 30.
dhcp is setup on mgmt and hotspot each.
mgmt vlan 1 is untagged
HS vlan30 is tagged
I can’t get the vlan30 work on ap’s. DHCP work’s on switch - i configured one port as access on vlan 30 for test purposes.

On CnMaestro under WLAN setings for that network i have asigned VLAN 30, and that network is asigned to that ap group, adn AP’s are in that group.

I can see all my APs in CnMaestro.

What am i missing here?


On cnmaestro under network, eth port, select trunk not default single vlan value, and add vlan 30 to allowed vlan

Look this article 3. VLAN in Switchport configuration of the Ethernet Port


Thank you very much! That solved the problem :slight_smile: :grin: