Distribution SFP+ L3 Fiber Switch?

Checking if there’s any interest from Cambium to enter the market with a SFP+ Distribution switch ? Just needs OSPF,LAG,ACL,VRRP,RTSP and MLAG functionality.

We are changing vendors due to EOL and lack of stock of a vendor switch we normally use.

You spoke my language :grin:.
But I report this bug and no answer yet:

When I see something like that I give up…
Also OSPF type are mising… e.g. point-to-point (for wifi links).

We are in the middle of the project where 2052 and 2016 are in use and they are aggregate to mikrotik crs317 (all links are 10G) because cambium doesnt have model wich can be distribution switch


Yes, a SFP+ (10G fiber) distribution switch is in the roadmap. Our existing EX/TX switches already support OSPF, LAG, ACL, RSTP. We are planning to support VRRP and MLAG when we introduce the distribution switch.

When do you need the switch?


Ah nice.
Is there a roadmap time wise when it might be coming out ?
Are you aiming for a 1/2 width or full width device ?

Program is in definition stage, but not on our formal roadmap yet. Most like will be a full width device.

Hi John thanks for the heads up.
There’s good money to be made in this segment. Currently products in this segment are either old school prosumer cli devices with no native automation and best effort email support or really expensive abc brands requiring expensive yearly renewable automation,warranty and support agreements.