Download limitation

I have 500 Mbps download speed measured wired on my cable modem. Actually the speed is better than the 500 I have contracted. But when I measure wifi speed it’s just 90 Mbps or less. I am using CnPilot e410 and I’d like to know if there’s any speed limit on it.

What is the client device?
What is the environment?
What frequency did you connect on?
What is the channel width?
What is the protocol of the connection?
What is the port speed at e410?

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I use 2 e410 in my house as mesh linked to a cable modem device. It’s all I can tell you.

Look at the E410 connection and see if it reads 100M. That would explain a 90 Meg download speed.

Where exactly I can look for it?

I am sorry, but I can’t find any page such that one.

That’s the webserver on the access point.

Yes, It shows Ethernet 100M. Is there any chance to change it?

And besides, Ethernet is cable, ok? What I am trying to say is that my download speed in wifi through e410 is never over 90 Mbps despite in the modem is 500 using Ethernet on it.

Is the e410 connected directly to the cable modem?

Yes. I have a cable modem where I turned off the radios so I can use 2 units of e410 doing mesh.

Based on what you’re telling us, it sounds like the e410 and the cable modem are only communicating at 100mbps. By default the e410 will try to communicate at 1000mbps automatically. Perhaps try a different port on the cable modem, or a different ethernet cable, or an intermediary (like a gigabit ethernet capable switch) between the e410 and the cable modem.

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I’ve tried other ports with no results.

But, as you suggested, there’s a limitation in Ethernet modem port, do you think a switch will solve the issue?

Another thing is that when using Ethernet cable direct from modem to my notebook I measure speeds 500 or over. So, I think, the limitation is not on the ports…

You’re seeing the proper speeds most likely because the gigabit ethernet port on your laptop is communicating at full speed with the cable modem. Again, I believe that the e410 is having some sort of negotiation issue with the cable modem which is limiting speeds to 100mbps or less. Try using a gigabit capable router or switch between the cable modem and e410 and report your results. ALSO, it would be helpful if you gave us a screenshot of the dashboard page of the e410 connected to your cable modem.

Layer 1 problems.
Bad cables.
10/100 POE injector.

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Cable is the same I link to my notebook and have 500. POE is the original e410 one.

There is the cable from the computer to the POE injector

There is the cable from the ROUTER to the POE injector.

If both those cables test as GIG… Check the POE injector.