E400 Facebook wifi

Has anyone use a third party router of have any way of intergating e400 with the Facebook wifi?


The customer has a Meraki system that allows the customer to use facebook by checking in to use their wifi. They do not like performance of the access points so we are being asked to give them a higher capacity AP. 

Cambium says they are working with Facebook now but no forcast if they will be able to offer it. 


Guest users can be authenticated using Facebokk credentials. If this is the requirement please see below link on "how to configure Facebook for Guest users authentication" 


Let us know if this doesn't meet your requirements.

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It’s half way there. If there’s a way to bypass the splash page and get an automatic re-direct to Facebook.com/X for check-in, then we would be in business. Unfortunately, for this client in particular having to hit a splash page with a link to Facebook just to start the process is a deal breaker.  When their customer joins the wireless network they’re redirected to the Facebook page belonging to the coffee shop. Once on the Facebook page, the guest simply checks-in and they’re given access to the internet. They don’t have to go to a splash page, a web browser  automatically opens and goes to the coffee shops’ Facebook page. The authentication happens when the guest uses the check-in feature on the Facebook page, and typically there’s no need to enter any credentials at all. 


Got your requirement, this feature is not available on Cambium Wi-Fi APs. You can rech us on channareddy.ireddy@cambiumnetworks.com for any further clarifications and assitance on this requirement.

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Your doesn’t work, it says Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private

Maybe this is the article?

Thank you! That got me going.

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