E400 reboots randomly?

Hi all

E400 going great other than occasional reboots?

Have connection to cnMaestro and the uptime is reset back to zero. Running latest firmware.


Can you please download and email the tech-support file to us so we can investigate?  Send to support@cambiumnetworks.com, or my email (have emailed you).

The tech-support file contains config, logfiles, crashfiles etc. You can download it through cnMaestro or from the device-GUI:


This was an issue interoperating with Microtik APs configured to act as wireless clients.

Issue has been fixed in E400 firmware version 2.0 and the fix is included in the beta build now on the support site.

Weird. I've had a couple Rb433AH's with R52 cards connected (5ghz) to the E400 from day 1, and never seen a random reboot.

My uptime now is 6 days, higher uptime was 23days. 

I couldn't make them connect in 2ghz, but i never really dug in that.

Interesting, flipping it to 2.4GHz might help trigger this (the fix was needed inthe 2.4GHz packet path on the E400).

We were able to recreate this in our lab with a Mikrotik hAP RB941 which is 2.4GHz-only. A customer also saw it with an RB2011 in station pseudo-bridge mode.