E400 setup Internet for wlan


I have one E400 working with my modem and using wifi of E400. This works fine.

My modem use range dhcp ip 192.168.1.x.

Now i want E400 get static ip from my modem and wifi from E400 will have different range ip of my modem(like for clients and clients can use internet.

So i follow this How-to-configure-DHCP-Pool-to-give-IP-address-to-the-connected and settup on my E400.

After all, now i can connect to wlan and my computer get ip and i can go to the main page of my E400 with ip i want). But my computer can't connect to internet (wifi.png).

Here is all step i did on E400:

- Create vlan1 Static IP

- Create vlan2 Static IP

- Create new DHCP pool with IP

- Create wlan with name "wifi" use vlan2(wlan.png)

Hope you can help.


Default route is missing in your configuration.

I see you have configured static IP, hence you need to configure default route. Defautl route Configuration is available in "vlan.png" file.


I tried "Defautl route " is my modem IP for vlan1 and it worked.

Thanks you!