E410/E600 factory defaults


Is the procedure to factory defaults E410 and E600 the same as for the E500 and E50XS via power sequence?


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The E410 and E600 actually has a reset button next to the Ethernet port which I find is easier to use. Press and hold for 15 seconds.

I know that, but sometimes it is easier to do power sequence in server room, than climbing to AP...

Ahh OK, if the AP is still working you can factory default the AP from the GUI:default.PNG

Not sure about the power sequence.

Thank you, I know about that option, but AP is not online and I can not access it. Wrong settings on Ethernet side...


we don't have such option on e410 and e600 unlike what we had on E500. if we loose ip connectivity because of misconfiguration, the only option is to make use of reset button provided at the adjacent of ethernet port

Oh, OK. I though I was going nuts when it didn't work :)

Just curious, why did you remove that feature from E600/E410?


as per my knowledge device needs hardware support to enable this kind of functionality 

Got it, thank you.