E410 notification offline

I noticed cnMaestro shows a notification as if my E410 is offline but it isn’t. What to do?

What colour is the LED on your E410?

It’s green.

Please login to CLI and share output of "show ip name-server" 

I am not an expert, so I don’t know how to do that.

OK, so the green LED means your access point is configured in standalone mode.

The first thing I would try is removing the device from cnMeastro and then try to onboard it again.

Out of interest have you recently tried upgrading the firmware?

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I upgraded it during configuration.

Besides it’s linked to a cable modem which I turned off the radio in order to use e410 as bridge working as AP.

I've seen the same problem myself, after upgrading to the latest firmware version the access point did upgraded successfully but it lost connection with cnMaestro.

Removing the device from cnMeastro and then onboarding it again should fix your problem.

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Could you send me the steps to do that?
Another interesting thing: I’ve upgraded to the last firmware but Maestro recommends a previous one.

First make a note of the serial number.

Go to “Inventory” and remove device (click the x).

Go to “Wi-Fi AP Groups” and go to the group where the access point was previously located.

Click on the “APs” tab and then click “Claim New AP”.

Once onboarded, you can sync configuration and the LED should turn blue.

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Why led has to turn blue if it was working good when it was green? And it never turned blue since I configured it at first time!

Ok. I jus did what you told me to and aproved the device, but it didn't appers as claimed yet. It shows "waiting for device" under Onboard tab.

Why led has to turn blue if it was working good when it was green? And it never turned blue since I configured it at first time!

If the LED is green it means it's configured in standalone mode.

If the LED is blue it means it's managed with cnMaestro.

Both will work, it just depends on if you want to use cnMaestro or not.

If it still hasn't connected it might be worth checking that the AP can access cloud.cambiumnetworks.com.

Were you prevously able to see the AP in cnMaestro and if so was the LED blue or geen?

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Yes.  I could se it at cloud.cambiumnetworks.com. and the light was green all the time. Why, after claiming it again, it is still waiting for device?

That's strange it was my understanding that once onboarded to cnMaestro the LED should turn blue.

Might be worth asking Cambium support for some assistance and inviting them to your cnMaestro.

And do you know why it shows waiting for device instead of onboarded?

This is because cnMaestro and your E410 aren’t talking to each other. But I don’t know why they aren’t taking to each other.

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I have forwarded this to our  support and product teams. They should respond soon.

What is the application where the e410 is installed (school, business?)



Just in my house. It's linked by wire to a cable modem which I turned off the radios. So I configured E410 as bridge and it works as my AP. It is still  providing me wifi signal.

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