E410 problem with saving settings

I have a problem with one of my Cambium E410 units.
All others units are working ok.
First, i have default config file which i use to set default settings (dhcp, passwords etc.) but when i uploaded this config file on AP, it’s not working. There is absolutely no traffic.

So I configured AP networks settings manually. I can configure some settings, but some are not being save. Like admin password. It saves password, but then i cant login with either default password or new password. Default password works on ssh, and after few minutes or device reset i can login again via web via default password.

I onboarded this AP to cnMaestro cloud and tried to do sync. It seems that sync uploads some settings, but not everything. Also, it fails at verfications and last message i get is “Device timed out while waiting for update”. Afer reset, some settings stay (like ethernet settings, ip addresses etc.) but some are deleted (like WLAN settings, etc.)

I checked rest of my network (firewall, router, etc.) but I don’t see any problem and all other APs are working ok.

Can anyone check?

Please upgrade to 6.4 than downgrade do and check again

Thx! Its working ok now.

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