E410 Recovery Methods


Having some problems with a E410.

Currently the unit has no LED activity and I am unable to ping the device. But I do have LAN activity when I plug into the unit. What methods can be used to recover the unit.

Have you tired to reset the device (button next to the ethernet port)?

Are you able to power down and power up the device 8 times, as I understand it this causes the AP to boot up from the secondary partition.


I have the same problem...

Are there any solutions? A recovery mode? Flash via TFTP?


Exactly how does this "power down and power up" 8 times work?
I have tried this my self, and the AP didn't boot to the second partition.
How long does the RJ45 cable need to be plugged in before taking it out, what happends if you do this ex. say 9 times instead of 8?

Here is more information around the backup firmware here:


Worth mentioning as well, if you can access the CLI you can force the AP to boot from the second partition.


The time interval should be 2 to 3 secs when you plug and unplug the RJ-45. Minimum of 8 sequences is what required to switch the device to secondary bank.