E500 like a PTP short link

Is possible to use two E500 for a PTP short link -less 100 meters-? I have a costumer that want to use Mimos B5 lite instead of some Cambium Networks products. Someone know if is there a cheaper product (mimosa range) that could give us more than 500 Mbps over that distance? Wich Cambium product we could use for it?

Hi Julio,

The E500 is a WiFi access point and is not designed to create PTP links. I'd recommend looking at 2 ePMP Force 180 units deployed as a PTP link which would give you 200 Mbps for $99 each, or we also offer PTP 650 which goes up to 450 Mbps.



Well hold on there Alex... Julio has an interesting idea in that he could actually use the E500's in a point to point fashion by using the one hop mesh feature on the 5GHz radios, and disabling the 2.4 radios and 5GHz WiFi access, and using it as a bridge. He'd have to use an 80MHz channel width... 100 meters is fine assuming it's LOS, and assuming the spectrum is somewhat clean, he could possibly get well over 500mbps half duplex making the E500's the least expensive, and fastest 'dirty' point to point Cambium offers.

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Aggregating  2 x ePMP Force 180's links would allow more options for channel selection. Being a directional solution v omni-directional,  it lwill be less susceptible to interference.

High throughput and great price point.

Exactly, I only want that our solution be equal of efective than a Mimosa B5 lite radio in a short link. If is feasible to get more than 500 Mbps in a short link (50 to 100 meters) with the E500, could be great. In fact, we can use ePMP Force 200, but is 300 Mbps lower than Mimosa radio... no competitive and the PTP650 is too much expensive. In this case an option than could keep this in a factible design could important. Maybe Cambium have to explore this oportunities in a niche with short distances.

Julio, why don't you try this out... using two E500's as a short point to point using the one hop mesh feature. Do some tests and let us know how it performs!

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