E500 Mesh Network

Can i use CnPilot E500 with Mesh Technology to act as a Point to Multi Point to connect multiple users in short distances ? if yes, how many client to be connected to the master AP ! 

can i do mesh network on 2.4 & 5 G on the same time at the same AP !

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You can mesh only on one frequency - either on 2.4 or 5 GHz. In other words, you can't mesh on both frequencies at the same time.

You can have users on both frequencies though. Ensure you have selected both radios under user WLAN's configuration.

Users that can connect will almost remain the same as in a non-mesh environment. You simply need to subtract number of mesh downlinks from the theoretical user count on the mesh operating radio. Basically you have to treat each mesh AP as a single user with respect to the master AP.

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thank you !

also could i do mesh between on AP as a master AP and two or more client APs !

Yes. You can have one mesh base [Master] and  multiple mesh clients.

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how to do this?

  1. Create a WLAN for your Mesh Base AP per the below:
  2. Create another WLAN for your Mesh Client AP as per the below (IMPORTANT: SSID and Passphrase must be the same on both WLANs).
  3. Create an AP Group for your Mesh Base AP (IMPORTANT: Add both your Mesh Base WLAN & your WLAN for user access).
  4. Create another AP Group for your Mesh Client AP
  5. Finally onboard your APs and add them to the relevant AP group. Worth noting that the Mesh Client AP has to first be connected to the wired network (so it can download the configuration) then it can be deployed separated from the wired network as a Mesh Client.

Note: From the Mesh Base AP you can monitor the signal strength (SNR of 25+ is considered good):

Other useful links:




that is very helpful