E500 Mesh Bases 5Ghz Channel Auto or Manual Channel recommended


I'm setting up a mesh network with 8 E500's.  3 mesh bases and 5 mesh clients all using the same mesh SSID and password.  The Mesh is setup on 5Ghz.  Currently all mesh radios are set to use Auto Channel selection.  With Auto Channel selection each of the 3 mesh bases have selected different frequencies, 48, 153, etc.  If I unplug one of the bases, the clients are smart enough to change channels and switch to another base on a different channel.

My question is, should I leave the Mesh Channel settings to Auto and allow each base to use its own frequency channel with its mesh clients? Or should I manually select a mesh channel so all 8 bases and clients will be the same channel?  Looking for best practice and what would avoid potential problems.  



Hi Esalced,

You can leave it at Auto and hereis the Knowledge base article on best practice on Mesh configuration 


In adition here is the FAQ's  hope this answers your query. 



G Krishnan