eAlign for ePMP - iOS v1.6 available

Hi Everyone,

The latest version of our SM alignment app, eAlign for ePMP v1.6, is now on the iOS App Store:


In this version as well as alignment with audible tones and adding a preferred AP, you can set some radio configuration on the SM to make your installs easier.

More product support and more features are incoming, so stay tuned.

(And yes, that includes an Android version!)




How does this work?  Does your phone or iOS device connect in through the public IP on the far end of the SM?  Or do you connect a WiFi AP to the Ethernet of the SM and then connect your phone to the SM through the WiFi?

Is this fully able to provision a SM?  Or do I still need a laptop to put in things like SSID, Encryption Key, etc?

You connect a Wi-Fi AP to the Ethernet of the SM and then connect to that AP. We've been using these:


Which are nice because they power the SM at the same time.

The app can set the SSID, encryption key, preferred AP, and the radio parameters in that SM Config screenshot above. 

What features would be most useful for you in an app like this?

it might be useful to make it work even on iOS 7, and Andoid, add the function to choose AP, and configuration pppoe client. anyway I tried it on IOS 8, but not 'fast, it takes a while to update the data alignment.

Has this been ported to Android yet?

Also after the Android version.  Anyone from Cambium mind updating this thread?

Just to put this out there, while you're waiting for the official Cambium app for Android, you're welcome to try mine from http://epmpme.newkirk.us - available as android .apk and source code.

It's far from perfect, and is mostly geared toward  features that are useful to our installers, and it does NOT work with 3.4.x releases.  (up to 3.3 works fine, and 3.5 as well)


 Android version. PLEAASEEE !!!!!

This isn't in the App store.

Any update as to if and when we can expect an app for ePmP (the old one seems to be gone from the app store)?

If I understand this post  correctly  there is a Cambium android app called  cnArcher that is supposed to start supporting  ePMP first quarter 2018 .  Can't happen to soon...


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We are putting a lot of effort into that app to make sure it will ease deployment, reduce install time, and eliminate mistakes...  bringing it to ePMP is the next relase after launch!