Elevate frequency range

Any plans for Elevated devices to run over 5960MHz ?

I think this question was answered before… if I’m not mistaken? They said that your Elevate device will work with whatever channels it works with before Elevation - no more, no less.

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Not really.
On my elevated devices i see only:

Frequencies from 5170 to 5960MHz. I could use higher but it seems i can’t.

Before elevating i can use on UBNT to 6100MHz.

Any Thoughts ?

OH, no not really any thoughts. I was just repeating what I thought (but not certain) that Cambium had previously said.

Maybe revert to UBNT Firmware, and check?

Also - you seeing those additional channels with which country code? AFAIK, the SM will switch it’s country code to match the AP. So, if your UBNT AP to UBNT SM link was using the country codes of ‘Compliance’ or whatever it was, and if your ePMP AP is now using a Country Code of ‘USA’ or of ‘Other’, then I would assume that the SM will go to the country code of ‘USA’ or of ‘Other’, which may have different channels available to them, than whatever CC you were using before? Maybe - I don’t know.

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Here i have license for using 5905-6405MHz.
What country code i should for 5905-6100MHz (ubiquiti Licensed mode allows that) ?
Can someone from Cambium answer ?

Is there any Cambium guru who can answer pretty simple question ?

Hello ? Can anybody form Cambium answer this ?
I would love replace some UBNT sectors on my towers.
I am using with success Ubiquiti from 5905 to 6100MHz now i can’t switch to CN cause of this issue.

Please state it once for all.

You should send in a ticket to support.

I did :wink:
They give me answer - a link :wink:

Very unprofessional