ePMP Release 4.5.6 is now available

OK, I was asking because cnMaestro says that 4.5.5 is the recommended version.

OK, thanks. I was asking because the release notes don’t mention the 3000L - only the 3000.

System Release 4.5.6 resolved issues
ACG-10031 General stability improvements for the ePMP 3000 radio.
ACG-10280 General stability improvements for the ePMP 3000 radio.

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Yea, Ive noticed that CnMaestro is Cambium’s “long term release” train.

Hi Fedor, for when an upgrade to F300-13L? we are having a lot of SM needed to rebooted any time…

Hi Alessio,

The latest FW released for F300-13L is 4.6-RC29 Beta.
If you experiencing any issues with F300-13L please reach me at fedor.trutsko(at)cambiumnetworks(dot)com.

Thank you.

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Thank you Fedor, we are testing and send a feedback later.

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This won’t be a particularly useful reports, but here goes.

In one location, we have an ePMP1000 AP, with a Force 300-25 and a Force 300-16… and when we upgraded to 4.5.6, the F300-16 came back like this. I de-registered her, and she re-regged with the same IP, I rebooted the AP, and it came back the same. I still CAN do a throughput test to her, and she get’s her full 60 Mbit plan according to the built-in AP Wireless link test.

Anyway - NO - I don’t have support files to send in anywhere, we of course had to focus on getting the client reconnected. I downgraded the AP back to 4.5.5 and we called her and got her to power cycle, and that worked.

I’ll try to upgrade this again after the long weekend, and I’ll post back here. This may have simply been “one of those things”, and nothing to worry about…

Force300-25 PTP link (in TDD mode) at 1.2 KM with signals in the 50’s with SNR in the 40’s and DS9/DS9 modulations. This link has been reported several times before.

Last time was when the 4.5.5 release came out… this link had an uptime of several weeks on 4.5.4-RC16, and when we upgraded it to 4.5.5 it went down twice in the next few hours, so we rolled back to 4.5.4-RC16.

That was 35 days ago, and so with 35 days of uptime on 4.5.4-RC16, we upgrade to 4.5.6

It has now stopped passing data again tree times over the ethernet of the AP side as before, so we are rolling back to 4.5.4-RC16 until we can replace this link.

If you have epmp2000 running 3.5.5 is there an intermediate step to upgrade or can you go from 3.5.5 to say 4.5.5 or 4.5.6?

@NetOpsCom, You can do directly to 4.5.6 or 4.5.6 from 3.5.5.

Does this update benefit ptp 550 in any way?

No it doesn’t.
4.6 Beta includes some PTP550 improvements.

Thank you.

Couldnt find any docs on what those improvements are in the 4.6 Beta.

Most of the time Cambium puts release notes alongside the firmware. You can find release notes for this beta HERE.

Dont see any notes for 4.6 beta but thank you!

There right there, in the link I sent you.

when I get to that page , it only has join beta forum… which I have in the past so not sure why its doing this…

You’ve joined the cnPilot Beta, but I don’t think you’ve joined the ePMP Beta (at least, not with the account that you’re currently using). There are separate programs for each product line.

See this post for more info:

…and then see this link for ePMP Beta release announcements (you won’t be able to access it until you’ve joined the ePMP Beta program):


This post lists most of the 4.6 improvements (note that the rc28 release was withdrawn but rc29 includes the same changes):


Has anyone had EPMP2000 APs hard lock on 4.5.6 firmware? Ethernet port is still up, but completely hard locked? Something that may happen before this is constant reboots prior to just locking up. Really hard to say… but dropping back down to 4.4.3 stabilizes it.

Same issues here going back to 4.5.5 4.5.6 has bugs on some radios not all.