Elevating UBNT problems


I am going to make a elevate of Stations of some APs of Ubiquiti, I am trying following the steps of quick start guide, with the ubiquiti nano station in 5.6.6 version and connected to my laptop I have low latencies, and after make a elevate I am getting high latencies, and It is difficult to navigate between tabs and options. I attach here some pics of that. What could be the problem?

Other thing if I try to make a elevate of Stations in the 6.1.7 version of Ubiquiti I get an error with code 43 and I couldnot make an elevate. I attach here also a pic of that. How I make an elevate with the last version of ubiquiti?

Thank you

Hi, follow the link I sent you. You will not have any problems . As far as pinging is concerned, don't worry when your antenna hooks up to the access point the ping will normalize.