Enable 40MHz Channel width on the 2.4GHz Radios on the E400

Pretty much as per this thread here:

The hardware does support it, it just required the Firmware to.

Would be great to have this implimented as not all devices avaliable supoport 5GHz yet

This is something I'd love to see implemented too please.

missed the cut this time.

would be a good feature to see implimented

and given all your documentation says its a 2x2:2 device that supports over 1Gbps of data rate its probably something you should impliment given your marketing material says it should be able to do it.

Don't forget the E500's as well!

Seamingly there is still hope. The NZ Rep had this to say:

Reminder that v3.0 is coming out at the end of July.
This should address the 2.4GHz channel issue and perhaps some others.

Quote from: Here on a Geekzone thread

That sounds like this latest release was just a patch, and the full goodness is still on its way...