ePMP 1000 devices show offline

Hi, I onboarded 19 devices 1 ap and 18 sm's to try the cnMaestro. Everuthing went ok and I could onboard the 19 devices but after a couple of hours all now show offline. I unclaimed one sm and oboarded again and it showed conected for a couple of miunutes and then it went offline again.

What am I doing wrong?



Can you confirm you are running v2.5.1-RC7 or newer on ePMP?

Sorry, I didn't read that 2.5.1 rc7 was required I am running 2.5. I will update.


We had this problem too. I'd skip the 2.5.1 RC7 as it's now depreciated... please update to the official 2.5.1 release.

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For over a week everything been up and good. Now the last two days all ap's but one shows offline, over half the sm's shows offline. Some of the ap's that shows down has sm's that shows up.  The only fix I can find is reboot the aps's and sm's and on some I have to reenter the Cambium ID. I am running 2.5.1

Rick, please take a look at this post which discusses the issue you're seeing.  There are instructions for re-establishing device connections for ePMP AP/SMs without rebooting the device.


Thanks, will look it over.