ePMP 1000 Version 2.x upgrades to 2.3

We updated our entire network this weekend to the latest 2.3 version of ePMP.  We NAT most of our customers. We found 90% of the units we upgraded reset the Ethernet facing side of the DHCP server for the customer to disabled or DNS information was missing.  Is this a known issue?


We did publish a known issue related to mac addresses changing with 2.3 as posted below. It is possible you are seeing a side behavior of that issue. 

Could I request you to upgrade to the 2.3.1 beta version please? We addressed this issue in that release.

Re: wireless/lan mac changes when upgradng from 2.1 to 2.3


3 weeks ago


Very unfortunate but this is actually a bug in 2.3 that we are working very hard to fix ASAP. In the meantime, I will have to ask you to go through the following work around -

1) If you are using Radius and MAC authentication, in the short term you will have to use the new MAC address to continue to use Radius

2) For the licensing issue you will have to generate a new license key based off the new MAC address 

We will fix this issue but if it is too much of a headache to run this way with 2.3, I would suggest you keep your sstem at 2.2 until we have 2.3.1 available.


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