Epmp 2000 Base radio

Dear Team

How can I know if an epmp 2000 Base radio is been over utilized during operational?

I have bought and uploaded the license key such that it has the capability to accept 120Subscriber modules. But currently it has just 11customers on it.

But how do i know when the base radio is been over utilized?

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Downlink Frame Time will provide you the sector utilization in %



Thanks a lot for your prompt response. Currently what I have on the base radio is that it varies from 95% to 100%

So with this Total frame Time used what will be the effect if I should add more subscriber modules into the base radio?

Total link bandwidth you have now will be divided between all subscribers. Old and new ones.

Hi. In an above image, you showed that your Monitor → Throughput Chart… and that shows an average of 11 to 14Mbit. If you are only getting 14 Mbit and 100% frame time used – then you have something(s) wrong.

You should be able to easily get a LOT more than that before you come close to 100% of Frame Time used.

I’d suggest posting your screenshots – all of them. Config Radio, Monitor Wireless, most importantly MONITOR → PERFORMANCE… and the community might have some suggestions.

I suspect you’ve either got a lot of interference (and a lot of retransmissions) and/or you have a lot of low signal clients, with low modulations. But – Please post your Config Radio, Monitor Wireless, and Monitor Performance screens, and let us have a look.

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Single Base radio with 12customers.docx (1.1 MB)
Dear Team

Thanks for your responses to my mail.

Kindly find attached the screens shots of my base radio in question…

How else can I better optimize this Base radios performance.

Finally when can I know when my base radio is over utilized? Is this possible to know

Ninedd was right. You have multiple subscribers showing high transmission rate. Normal level is 3% or below. This can be due to low SNR of those subscribers. At the same time RSSIs are good.
Can you check the frequency with Spectrum Analyzer for interferes?

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