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Looking for more Information of empm 2000 real life performance. Right now i have 3  epmp 1000 120 degree sectors on my main tower servicing a town. basically what i am asking is the epmp 2000 peformance vs epmp 1000 2.4ghz. If the new 5ghz performs better on the SM side then i will put up epmp 2000 and move my epmp 1000 to my new Tower location thats more heavly treed in a 15 mile radius. 

There is no ePMP 2000 product for 2.4GHz, only 5GHz. In a controlled environment, ePMP 2000 performs identically to ePMP 1000. You may see performance gains using ePMP 2000 at sites that are experiencing high noise due to adjacent channel interference. You may see performance gains on the client side, again, in high noise environments, by using the optional beam steering antenna.

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Did you catch the live launch of ePMP 2000? They had one of the beta testers share some of their experience with the equipment. Joe and Bayan share their experience around the 33min mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NeZLZpfJo4

First initial orders shipped out last week. Real life performance reviews should be surfacing soon.

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Has anyone or Cambium done a side by side with the PMP450i vs  2000.

I watched the webinar and it is impressive but how does this gear compare?

That’s easy, if you have sites with no interference, epmp works great, if your sites are crowded, if you have to deal with interference, go with pmp450, it’s the big guys gear.

I'm in the middle of a side by side with ePMP 1000 and 2000 but my results are not very conclusive yet:


I need some additional testing and advice since I'm not clear with what is going on but eventually I'll have a full report.

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in a clean evenviroment, the 1000 and 2000 dont perform any diffrently.      if you have an AP suffering from co-band noise, changing the 1000 out for a 2000 will solve that problem.   example, we use a lot of AF5s.     when they are at full power and sitting only a few feet away from cambium EPMP 1000 ap, the uplink can get messedup from co-band noise.  moving them 15' away solves it, but thats not always practical.   in that situtation, the 2000 will restore your lost performance from co-band uplink interference.  

the next situation, if you are experincing on channel uplink inteference say, from wifi.  the beam steering atenna will deal with that.   the beam steering atennas is easiest explained as a dish that can only hear a small field like 6 degrees and it can move very fast and listen to each subscriber as it uplinks to the sector without slowing down.  the antenna works diffrently from that, but you end with the same result.      

for backhauling situations, we had a backhaul that could only get a link at MCS11 at 58 db  (it was mounted next to an AF5) for our testing purpose.     changing the 1000 out to 2000 and it was able to move up to mcs15 at the same power. 

the point of the 2000 is to clean up noise. it isn't any faster in a clean situtation. 

if you find yourself dealing with a lot of restransmittions, or poor uplink MCS for a particar power level, the 2000 is your go to.   it works wonderfully. 

and the pricepoints, the 2000 is less than 100 more for the AP, which ends CO-band noise.    the beam steering antenna is under 400 I believe, but if needed, its worth every penny. 

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Can the ePMP 2000 be used on an omnidirectional antenna and how would the smart antenna factor into the install?

I believe the smart antenna beamwidth is only 90 degrees, so I don't think it would work very well with an omni.

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