epmp 2000 sector ranges

We just got some gear to test with.  Will be hanging 1 epmp 2000 AP w/ sector antenna and beamforming smart antenna.  I am wondering what kind of ranges others are seeing with this equipment.  I setup a few things in link planner and at 2 miles with a force 200 SM, it isn't even showing top modulation on downlink.  We are very flat rural in our area.  Other equipment we have some customers shooting 10 - 15 miles.  I am not expecting this equipment to hit those ranges, but was really hoping to be able to hit 8 miles with good modulation.  Am I going to be disappointed?  Thank you in advance for your input.

Of course, YMMV since every environment is different - but these are some longer distance examples we have - 21 KM to the furthest, which is about 13 miles with still an MCS12 performance....  and that one has got some trees right around their yard, but fairly clear the rest of the way.

BUT - examples at:
7.07 KM = 4.4 miles = MCS 14/14
9.84 KM =  6.1 miles = MCS 15/13
12.69 KM = 7.9 miles = MCS 12/12
20.98 KM = 13 miles = MCS 12/12


What SM's are you using?  

We use Force 200's with the solid dish, and then for the longer range ones, we use ePMP1000 and pair them with a DualPol grid antenna from Lanbowan.   http://www.lanbowan.com/ANT4958D28PG_DP

We have some Force200 clients out to 8-10-12 KM (depending on the environment) and then mostly ePMP 1000 + Grid further than that.

There is also a Force 120 Subscriber Module coming from Cambium apparently with a 22 dBi solid dish, and that's supposed to be Q2 2017, which should put it pretty soon now.

We always want to over-kill with SM antenna gain where we can. The Cambium ePMP's have their Automatic Transmit Power Control anyway - so they do an excellent job of turning themselves up and down to meet your target signal, and not over-powering the AP, so it's fairly safe to have more antenna than not enough antenna.

Thanks a ton for the info.  We did just put up a test link with force 200's.  We were planning a more "quiet" site, but in a pinch, had a big backhaul link dieing, so we quickly deployed these at around 10 miles and are impressed with the results.  seeing a lot of fade in the signal, but hasn't dropped at all.

We would love to hear anyone elses feedback on this subject as well.  Thank you

It's going to depend at least partly on the noise in your environment.  I have one remaining "long distance" site that serves folks out to about 8~9 miles using force 200 on the customer side and 1000 for the AP.  Performance might even be better with the added noise filtering the 2000 affords at the AP.  

Thank you.  anxious to get this gear in the air and do some testing.  Storms this week have made me feel like a kid waiting for christmas.

I have had the 5.8 2000 AP's up for about 6 months and LOVE them!  Great Equipment.  12 Miles is the furtherest I currently have but will be closer to 14 by the time I get everyone upgraded.  For longer distances or some trees we use the RD-30 UBNT (2ft. PD) with 1000  radio and have good results.  You can go longer with the F200 than we do but we usually go connectorized after 5-6 miles.  Works best for us.  We are accually running 40MGz on ALL of our AP's and leaving them on 50/50.  We had then on 75/25 and they were working OK for regular customers Just streaming but our VoIP Business customer's were experiencing to many dropped voice packets so we went back to 50/50.  Get about 80/80Meg total AP thruput.  We are convieced the channel filtering is what is letting us get away with the 40MGz.  Have NEVER been about to run 40 on a MP AP before.  Kudo's to the Cambium Engineers for the 2000 product!

That sounds great. How are you attaching the radio to the ubnt dish? Are you able to make the stock bracket work?

This does the trick: EasyBracket

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Perfect. Thanks