ePMP 3000 AP

I wonder if the smart antenna from the ePMP 2000 could be used with the upcoming ePMP 3000 AP?

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Hello Shawita,

ePMP3000 is expected to support the Beamsteering Smart antenna currently used with ePMP2000.



Is the ePMP 3000 going to be a connectorized unit, or is it going to be an integrated sector?

Connectorized for sure. Can't say yet about integrated. 

Cundo estar√° disponible en Colombia y a que precio gracias....

@jhoemb wrote:

Cundo estar√° disponible en Colombia y a que precio gracias....

Yes, it will be available in Colombia. Pricing information is not yet availale. But please stay tuned for announcements.  

So it seems the ePMP 2000 Smart Antenna can be used with the new ePMP 3000. I am curious if the 4x4 MU-MIMO will now be in both the uplink and downlink directions. My understanding is the MU-MIMO capability was limited to just the uplink direction for the ePMP 2000 Smart Antenna. 

The video link here from Cambium at 8 minutes states Uplink only for MU-MIMO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKbjjyFs0oQ&feature=youtu.be  Just wanting to verify...thanks!


ePMP 2000 does beamsterring on the UL using the optional smart antenna. It does not do MU-MIMO in either direction.

ePMP 3000 is a 4x4 radio and MU-MIMO will be available on the downlink (sorry, the presenter mistakenly said it was only on the Uplink). 




Excellent! Thanks for the clarification. Maybe that correction can be added as a comment below the youtube video. That very well could be the radio's most important feature!


@kelmore wrote:

Excellent! Thanks for the clarification. Maybe that correction can be added as a comment below the youtube video. That very well could be the radio's most important feature!

Done. Thanks for the suggestion!


Are there any pictures of the ePMP3000 available yet?

@Joshua Powellwrote:

Are there any pictures of the ePMP3000 available yet?

ePMP 3000


C'mon CWB, we sent you that picture under NDA!

Here is a new picture with some very minor modifications to what CWB has:



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HURRY I have lost SOOOOO many customers due to competition from other ISPS such as Verizon, Frontier, and other WISPS who offer faster speeds then what we can offer due to the timeline of EPMP 3000 taking forever but I get it, it will be great I am sure but I wont get back 30-40 customers in less then 4 months and thats a BIG hit to the bottom line $36,000 a year all becuase we have been waiting for a long ass time for Cambium to finish this unit. I dont like getting kicked in the nuts it hurts. Last year at Wispalooza we pleaded and begged to be a part of Beta testing to get something and we were just ignored. 

I can only do so much with 90 customers between an EPMP 2000 and now an EPMP 1000 just to try and stop the bleeding! so far its still miserable Frame time usage avgs 99-100% all day and night and I cant do any more about it except keep telling people PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE we are working on new euqipment but Cambium has delayed until Sep 2018 and hopefully no longer or we will have to pull the trigger on something else after 15+ years of being with Motorola/Cambium. When it does get release hopefully we wont have an issue where demand is larger then supply which I am not feelign to good about. 

So will this new unit have 4 seperate antenna connectors on it if so what antenna are we supposed to use with it? wht type of connectorare we giong to have to swap out all our epmp 2000 antennas now as well so another cost we must endure? 

Sorry but I am feeling very depressed, upset, pissed and just overwhelmed with all the people calling us and canceling all the time becuase we choose a vendor who we thought would be on a timeline close to what other manufacturers were on. I mean I can handle maybe 6 months behind everyone else but really over a year!


Accelwireless... hate to break it to you bud but if you think the ePMP 3000 is going to be the magical savior that somehow overcomes all the problems you've outlined in your current business model... you're going to be very disappointed. Even after it comes out, it's going to be some time until the firmware is totally ironed out and running optimally. Why don't you do what some successful WISP's I know are doing until the 3000 comes out:

- Small dedicated coverage areas using RF Elements horns paired with 1000 or 2000 AP's. Use 30deg horns, and GPS sync and you can ALMOST attain reuse-1.

- Tighten up your install criteria, use higher gain clients and get that modulation UP across the board... that will help increase the number of clients per AP and reduce frame utilization during peak hours.

- Try to find subdivisions that need service or other small pockets of clients that other carriers can't easily get wire to. Do small micro cells and repeaters!

- Use intelligent traffic shaping tools from SandVine, Procera, Alot, even Mikrotik, etc. to give you insight into your traffic flows and strategically shape traffic to keep people HAPPY!

- Try ePMP on a different band... we've had great success with it on 2.4! There's also 3.65 for PMP450 and LTE... put those bands to work and score some nNLOS clients! LTE on 3.65 WORKS through trees! So does PMP450 on 900MHz!

- Buck up and join the big boys and deploy some PMP450m... start in the cheaper sector mode first... fill it up, and get the MU-MIMO upgrade license later when you need it.

- And last but not least... STOP trying to compete with the big wire carriers that are offering 50+mbps service plans... it's a rat race that you'll never win, and they play dirty to boot! Steer customers to service based plans instead of mbps! Most people don't know what a mbps is or how many they need to be happy with their service! Provide excellent customer service and get people to leave good reviews for your business, provide local flare that people recognize, be creative with your marketing! Market yourself as 'NOT THE CABLE CO!'. Don't try to compete with the big guys, flip the table and play something else that you can WIN at!

Our WISP competes with 4 (now 5) other WISP's, all on top of each other, multiple wireline providers offering 50+mbps speeds, a bunch of smaller wireline and fiber providers... there's no end to the competition in the areas I serve and yet somehow we're growing substantially year after year... because I do everything I mentioned above very well... and I don't have an ePMP 3000 AP... and I'm sure has hell not banking my business on it.


Well go an burst my bubble.. the tower with the most issues is one we cant really add anythign more to it due to HOA rules etc. we snuck a horn on there today and added an EPMP 1000 to ease some pain but we tried another 60 sector on the pmp 2000 up there and for whatever reason it was not working but we think it was the twist lock that had the issue and was not seated properly in it. We will be back out next week to try again but we honestly need probably 4 horns facing the same direction so its kind of hard to do re-use with only about 40 mhz of spectrum thats available in that one general direction. I dropped each sector to 20 mhz to try and free up more space but then I assuem we will need to add even more sectors etc.

Just been a long day..

Hi Accelwireless.   I feel your pain. <3

But, the core problem sounds to be that you're trying to complete head-to-head with Fiber and WireLine and Licensed/LTE providers, and do it with consumer prices unlicensed gear.  That's pretty much impossible to do in most places.  Where I'm located, Fiber offers 300 Mbit per second packages - that's more capacity than the whole Access Point can muster even if we only had 1 customer connected.

So instead, we focus on the rural area, on sub-divisions and bedroom communities, on customer's who can't get Fiber or Cable or LTE where they are located.  Or on customer's who want more personalized services, on customer's who want to bring their computer's in for servicing to the same place as their Internet provider.  (We offer a once-per-year virus scan / optimization with internet subscription - and Verison isn't going to offer that)

So yes, the AP3000 will be remarkable, but it'll still be unlicensed spectrum, still wireless, still subject to interference and weather and trees and competition and lightning and ice (where I am at least) and fiber/cable have none of those issues.  There is no interference inside the Fiber, there is no trees inside the fiber, there is no weather inside the fiber.  They have essentially unlimited bandwidth and unlimited frequencies to use.  The same with Cable, with DSL, and licensed gear has many of the same benefits too.

BUT on the upside - wireless can reach people that other things can't.  Or put up a tower in an area which currently doesn't have coverage from the other guys.  Don't to to the highest density places - go to the underserved low density places, where you can charge a premium price for a 15 Mbit product, and the customer's there will be thrilled with you.  Refine the business plan and service the right customers (many people don't know or care the difference between 15 Mbit and 150 Mbit - they are both fast enough to do the job instantly for 75% of the customers) and not try to just go head to head with dollars-per-megabit with the big guys.

I don't know exactly what the solution is for your situation - but I do know it's not all the 3000's fault.  Yes, you can switch to some other brand, but in my experience, there is nothing that get's more speed out of the limited spectrum out there.

I am dealing with froniters new bonded plans 20 + megs we iffer up to 20 meg currently but thats about all we can muster on the ap's curently. We offer 20x6 megs for $80 they are coming in with bonded DSL for $35 for similer. We have peopel throwing up mimosa gear and dont give a crap abotu using 80mhz wide channels and crushing me then go knock on my customers doors and say see they suck we are better and faster. They are a company thats not even local! which pisses me off even more and they have to commute to service them. 

I have done sutff above board foor 15+ years we have been doing this and when people do this crap it pisses me off and makes me want to do evil crap to them but I believe in Karma but it still sucks regardless that these asshats do this. We file our forms to the FCC yet they give Frontier a ton of grants to upgrade when we are already here and they knew it yet we got nothign for us financially when we applied and asked... Everyone wants more speed and 5 megs is NOT going to cut it in rural areas. We have people buying up homes comign from LA or in town and expecting min 100 megs. They have a house full of kids all wanting to stream, game etc. 5 megs does not cut it. 20 megs barely cuts it now days out here.  Maybe your neck of the woods it does but for sure not here. I will have to put up more and more towers and drown the SOB's out to regain our foothold becuase its just plain hell right now.

We are also looking at dipping our toes in some communities one such area has 38 homes we already service all cryign for faster speeds so we are tryign to get the builder to give us a green light to go fiber to eacfh house but its scary also as UBNT has no cpe available so we may have to switch gearas and go with another vendor now. Its always some hoop to jup thru but we keep pressing on. Like I Said its been a long day and all this crap came to a head today and I took the brunt of it. I am not mad an Cambium or anyone in particular just upset at the other guys.

accelwireless - Sounds to me like you are in a horrible area to run a WISP

Where we are, we do compete with comcast and other wireline products with a lower pricing scale, however we do not aim for those customer. Sure we like more customers, most of those looking away from comcast/cable have burnt their bridge with the company or want a ISP with a stable bill, not one that raises every 6 months. 

We aim (while fighting 3 other uncooperative WISPs) to get the customers outside cable. We offer plans from 1.5 to 50mbps on cambium products. If you are putting more than 25 people on 2g, or more than 50 on 5g, that is just horrible practice. (Per panel of course)

Although recommended above to try pmp 450 stuff, we are greatly disappointed in total throughput of the 3.65 though it works great for customers that cannot get 5g but can get 2g. 

450 2g works great for blowing through 2g interference. 

450 900 we havent gotten to work at all, so far a wasted investment.

3.65 LTE, extremely disappointed so far, have not been able to get better than a -105. Though we are using the bare SM, we are debating if we want to order dished SMs.

Yes the wider channel gives you more frame usage, but as the MCS drops it ruins the change over. Your usage sounds like you would be better breaking down to a lot of 10mhz horns.

We didnt have any luck with the 30 degree horns, Though we didnt realize the 2-4mi range limit of the horns before purchase.

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