ePMP 3000 Beamform connection clarification

Putting together my first 3000. Instructions say connect left to left and right to right. On the Radio the left connector is labeled as Horizontal but on the Beamform the left is labeled as Vertical. Is this right? Should we be connecting the Horizontal to Vertical or is the instructions or one of the devices labeled wrong?

Hi ewolff66,

The cables should be crossed and H should connect to H and V to V. Sorry about the confusion there. This questions was also asked in this post. The ePMP3000 support for the BSA is coming in a future release. It's not supported yet, but once it is a firmware upgrade will allow the ePMP3000 to utilize the BSA you're installing with it. 


Thanks. Is it in the 4.4 beta or is it past that?

@ewolff06 wrote:

Thanks. Is it in the 4.4 beta or is it past that?

BSA support is not in 4.4 beta... it's going to be a little while before that's added.

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Just to confirm, running the Radio with the BSA connected now won't cause any issues other than the BSA not functioning?

Yes that is correct.

We expect to have some initial capability leveraging the beam-steering antenna as part of the 4.5 release currently planned for September though beta software may be available sooner.

- Bruce

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Hi ! have a fixed date for when available beam-steering firmware ?

Old topic, but I was researching this as well.  I am seeing some talk of BS in the latest 4.5-RC61 FW

Hi. If you are asking about the Beam Steering Antenna, 4.5-RC61 does have BSA support, although it's beta, so people are having mixed results as per any beta. (UPDATE: 4.5-RC69 is available as of 03/13/20)

Also, as far as connections, the labels on the equipment are correct H-to-H and V-to-V as it should be. The printed doc refers to L-L and R-R which isn't really accurate (they will be physically crossed when assembled), but electronically connected as they are correctly labelled on the radio/antennas H-H and V-V


Also we have 4.5-RC69 available that hopefully resolves the mixed feedbacks. So I would encourage to use it as the one with BSA support.


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