ePMP 4000 at 6 GHz

Service providers with an experimental license from the FCC will be able to gain experience in planning and assessing the performance of 6 GHz solutions. What use cases do you see as the most popular for the new frequency, and what will be the impact on your business?


Learn more about ePMP 4600 at 6 GHz.


Check out today’s press release at Cambium Networks Delivers Industry’s First 6 GHz Full Spectrum Solution Expanding Fixed Wireless Broadband with Gbps Subscriber Speeds to Cost Effectively Bridge the Digital Divide - Cambium Networks


ePMP 4600 6 GHz fixed wireless access points ready for shipment.
ePMP 4600 ap


Ol√° tudo bem, quando chegar√° no Brasil tem previs√£o? algum site pra venda.

Hello, all right, when will it arrive in Brazil, do you have a forecast? any site for sale.

Hello. I know that some are available under experimental licenses in Brazil. Check out this press releaseu. Anatel may be able to help with some equipment before the 6 GHz frequency band is generally available.

Let me know if you need some assistance.


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Obrigado Ray, no aguardo das novidades da Cambium, tenho um pequeno provedor, o link est√° quebrado.