ePMP 4000 or 4k Update

e4k PtMP demo/beta gear won’t be coming until late Q1/Q2 2022. ALSO, the 6GHz lines release date is contingent on the FCC finalizing the AFC rules, which are still being hashed out.

At WISPAPALOOZA 2021 there was an open house regarding ePMP and they discussed e4k but they reused the same slides that I posted above and there was not much new information.

A couple items that came up are that the e4k 6GHz will be greenfield only (no backwards compatibility)… and that the e4k 5GHz will have backwards compatibility, but MU-MIMO will only work with e4k clients.


Don’t have a link, but just Google for it. Mimosa’s webinar is available on the Mimosa YouTube channel. :+1:

Hey, sorry, I didn’t read up the thread all the way and I thought/assumed we were still talking about e4k stuff… didn’t realize the conversation had changed to Mimosa :joy:


So I haven’t heard anything on epmp 4k for a long time. Anyone heard anything new?

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Anybody heard anything about this? F400C and F425 have been out for a while now, but I have heard absolutely nothing about the 4000 APs.

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Work is still in progress. As for now I can not provide any estimate.

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Thanks for the response Andrii, I understand that you cannot provide a timeline. Good to know things are still coming along.

ePMP 4600 (6GHz 4x4 model) is in beta and has been in field tests for a few months now. Right now testers are using STA’s or OET’s from the FCC for green field trials. The FCC still has not finalized the 6GHz AFC rules yet. That’s expected to be complete at the end of the year. The ePMP 4500 (5GHz 8x8 model) is in beta and soon to be field tested. Again, this is greenfield, no backwards compatibility.

Awesome to hear those models are both in beta. I personally would much prefer a longer time to market in exchange for more time in beta and field testing to hammer out bugs and get it as stable as possible when it comes to the public. When e3k first came out it was a bit of a mess, IMO. But hopefully eliminating backwards compatibility will mean a much smoother release for the 4ks. Thanks Eric!

Too many expectations! Cambium has become such an arrogant company.

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Hi Eric - thanks for the info here on epmp4500 and epmp4600. Can I check your understanding as in one post above you mention 4500 being backwards compatible and then in this post you mention it not being (I think). Can you clarify? Also what is the latest you are hearing - is this being released to general market soon? Appreciate any update from your side

The 4600 will be a purely greenfield radio, as Cambium does not have any legacy radios that will operate in this band. The 4500 will initially be greenfield, but will eventually have backwards compatibility. Keep in mind legacy AC devices will not be able to participate in MU-MIMO, as the 802.11ac and 802.11ax MU-MIMO implementations are different. While backwards compatibility will eventually be available, an exact date has not been confirmed… but if I had to guess… after the 4500 is released we might see beta firmware builds in 3 months with release being 6mo to 1 year later.

The 4600 release is still waiting on the FCC to finalize the AFC rules. IIRC, the 4500 will be released at or near the same time as the 4600.

IIRC, the FCC was supposed to release final cert for AFC Q4 of this year, but it’s now looking like Q1 or 2 2023.


Great info Eric - thankyou - understand what you mean regarding MU-MIMO and legacy devices

While in Canada we are still waiting for the ISED to provide the list of AFC providers for 6ghz . . . . . . Took them 2yrs just to get the framework designed and are still trying to figure out how to prevent sensitive information from not being part of the available database. . .

Any update of release dates for the 4500?

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nothing in the news or other that I have heard/read. been very quiet from Cambium lately.

Saw this thread and thought they’re already out in the wild, but my supplier say’s nope and no idea when they’re in. Great to hear an update from the company.

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They are sort of, better to describe it as “in the zoo” though. The hardware is out to select beta testers to get a live network test to deal with issues before the wild release.

You are right, a notice from the manufacturer would be nice, a tentative release week would be better!

Anyone from the cambium team confirm this? This significantly reduces the value of the current network based on F300 terminals. Old 3000 MIMO will perform better than 4500 with backward compatibility.

Today we don’t see any blockers that wouldn’t allow AC clients operate in MU mode with AX base stations, but with certain limitations. Only AC to AC clients can be grouped and only in 4x4 MU mode.The priority of the implementation is lower than MU 8x8 on AX and is coming after BC for TDD.