epmp cpe (F180,F200,connectorized) loses 6dBi with Fw 3.5.1

Hi all,

i'm registering that when i upgrade CPE (F180,F200,epmp1k connectorized) firmware from 3.2.1 to 3.5.1 the signal is 4-6dBi lower.

Is there someone that have the same problem?

Thanks in advance.

I think the answear to that question is in this topic:

Starting on page 3.

The reason is:
"There were several fixes related to RSSI calculation accuracy introduced in 3.x firmware.

Could you please check whether RSSI wasn't changed?"


So basically you didn't realy lose any signal, just calculation accuracy is now better.




To check if it is just RSSI you can see if MCS are still the same. If you really have 6dB less you should have at two MCS leveles lower.



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I've noticed that they get worse from 3 to 6 dBi when updating to 3.5.1, even taking it from version 3.4.1, however the MCS remains at the same levels. I will do the update test from 3.4.1 to 3.5.1 and upload the screenshots.

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