ePMP Radio & Sector Distance

What is the maximum distance achievable using the ePMP force 110 SM to connect to the  ePMP 1000 AP?


The ePMP software is optimized to a max distance of 40 miles (64 km). However we have seen customers deploy to much greater distances

Distance is a function of Tx power, sensitivity, antenna gain and terrain. I highly recommend using LINKPlanner to predict if your ePMP deployment will work for you. 



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Thanks Sriram. I would like to know the experiences of users. I am planning to set up a base station with 4 ePMP 1000 radios and the 90 degrees sector. I would like to know if it is possible to have  a good performance from an ePMP force 110 connected to the 15dBi sector on a 7Km link along side other links that are 2Km.

I am asking this question because with my Ubiquiti setup, once i have a mix of 7km and 2Km links using the same antenna gains, the performance of the entire AP drops.

I don't think you'll have any issues with what you're planning on doing. We have sectors with a wide array of various distances. We have not seen the same load and/or distance issues with ePMP that we've seen with Ubiquiti.


just as eric said, your not going to have those same issues that you have or had with ubnt gear. Cambium has their sh!t together. we have towers running 7 miles max and have clients 6.5 miles away and .1 miles away with no problems

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We had ubnt before, we even were one of the first to try ac radios on ptmp and they were just a nightmare, new formwares almost every couple of weeks, spped and connectivity dropping all the time.

So far with cambium everything is stable and performance is the best.

We have links on ptmp with 14 Miles distance pulling 50 Mb (30 Db Dish pointing to a 15 Db sector Antenna)

Here is one of the links with a ePMP force 110