ePMP Software Release 4.7 is now available

I will also comment that since upgrading the epmp 3000 radio to 4.7 we are seeing higher frame utilization on throughput averages that had lower utilization before 4.7.

We reported that earlier. I tracked it down to “device names longer than 32 characters”. They’ve fixed it in but making the name 31 characters should fix it too.

We found that 4.7.0 would wait a long time before adding the SM name to the monitor-wireless page. upgrading to fixed that as far as we can see.

Hi this version of FW (4.7) is realy crap for N radios (Force 180/200, ePMP 1000 connectorized/integrated radio). After few days device stop passing traffic, web management is unreachable, only icmp work…

Only powercycle solve this issue, we have a lot of cases…

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Anyone seeing any performance degradation in 4.7 on AC units?

These units are dead approx. after 2 months of uptime.

Should be fixed with, online since yesterday.
Give it a try.

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Hello @Majk,
sounds not good. Which exactly radios are you using?
As was told it is recommended to upgrade to It has fixes only for 4.7.0.

Will be available on CNMaestro soon? Or do I use one of the betas thats listed there?

It will be released today. I apologize for the delay.
Thank you.


why didn you write down on the release notes?
we have radios on 4.7 that are working very bad and we are not able to downgrade.
shame on cambium.
downgrading what we can to 4.6.1 solved our issues.

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Still waiting for it to show up in CNMaestro.

@Maggiore81 I’m sorry for this miscommunication! Downgrade blocks were made for safety reasons and to prevent service outage due to misconfiguration. In case F200L it is a new product and was not present in SW versions below 4.7. If you have some issues with 4.7.0 I suggest to upgrade to It has nothing more then bug fixes for 4.7.0. In case you need any kind of assistance please raise a support ticket. Our engineers will help you to sort all issues.

@jmay both latest FW are in CnMaestro already.

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I see it now, thank you!

Hi Maggiore,

I’d upgrade to if I were you. has all the bug fixes, so it very well might address the problems you’re seeing. :person_shrugging:

The ‘can’t downgrade’ are mostly for cases where there was an extra feature from 4.6 to 4.7

For example, 4.7 has a new feature in Flexible Frame, so if you’ve upgraded to 4.7 AND turned that feature on, downgrading is blocked because you’d end up with a 4.6.2 radio with a broken configuration for a feature that didn’t exist in 4.6.2

So - in my opinion, if I were you I would either 1) upgrade to

If that’s not to your liking, then 2) adjust your configurations to be 4.6 compliant and downgrade. (much worse plan in my opinion)

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We had our network perfectly working on 4.6.1, really PERFECT.
we made the mess upgrading to 4.7
quickly downgraded but remained a whole of devices on 4.7
I didnt read anywhere that the 4.7 was un-downgradable. THAT IS A REAL ISSUE FOR US.
we want to downgrade the items, no matter the - we cannot test it for cambium.

We didnt add any features or changed any settings from 4.6.x to 4.7

What are the issues you are facing with 4.7? Is this on AC or N equipment?

Hi all, anyone experiencing random disconnects from force 300 25 radios on 4.7?

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Please provide some insight into what is causing the issue and how it was fixed. It seems like a lot of users are or were experiencing this so it would be nice to know exactly what conditions led to the issue.