ePMP Software Release 5.4.2 is now available

Supported Platforms

  • ePMP AX based family

Download the firmware and documentation from:

ePMP4600, Force400/425/4600C/4625

Note for 6GHz ePMP AX users

Cambium Networks is making a limited number of 6 GHz ePMP 4600 Series proof of concept kits available for those network operators that have experimental licenses authorizing the use of these radios in 6 GHz. Operators can purchase these radios now and, upon submitting proof of a valid experimental license to the Cambium Networks support team via submitting the support ticket, receive a special software version enabling the 6 GHz channels on these radios. When the FCC officially launches the 6 GHz spectrum, these pre-launch radios will be software upgraded to meet the final band requirements.

Upon initial shipment, these radios will have FCC approval to operate in portions of the 5.725 GHz to 5.850 GHz spectrum and are locked only to these approved frequencies and power level. Transmit power in the 5 GHz band will be considerably lower than a typical 5 GHz radio as the primary function of these radios is to operate in the full 6 GHz band. Once an operator provides evidence of the experimental license to Cambium support , a firmware update will then unlock the full 6 GHz band. It is the operator’s responsibility to fully comply with the regulations dictated in the experimental license.

Features description

The following are the new features introduced in System Release 5.4.2:
FCC DFS channels opened for ePMP 4500 8x8

Please note that FCC DFS channels are currently opened for ePMP4500, ePMP4500C, Force400C, Force425 and are still closed for ePMP4500L, Force4525 and Force4525L.They will be opened in the upcoming releases.

Issues Resolved in System Release 5.4.2:

TrackingID Product Description
AXG-5714 All SMs were not able to connect to an AP when AP is switched to alternate frequency carrier with 40 MHz bandwidth configuration.

DFS will only work with ePMP 4500 8X8 system, 4500L still no DFS.

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This software is dedicated for all ePMP devices ?
If not please make proper recommendation on the Cambium Cloud :wink:

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5.4.2 is the recommended firmware for ePMP AX platforms.


Anyone loaded up any 400c radios with this firmware? If so how is it running?

I have 1 and running some test, still too early to give any feedback as its only been 5hrs.

Makes sense and really appreciate you taking the time to respond!

Which is the latest version recommended for ePMP 3k and compatible subscriber modules? - best from available :slight_smile:

Does 5.4.2 support bandwidth control through QoS yet. If not, what is the time frame for this. Will QoS work with Radius the same as e3000?

Seeing issues with a 4500 AP and a 4525 SM where the Maestro On-Prem URL is not being saved properly on 5.4.2 firmware. When we enter https://ourURLhere.org, the Save button is staying lit up after saving and hovering over it says “Elements to save: cnMaestro URL” If we reboot the AP after attempting to save, we have seen the URL change to https:\ / \ / ourURLhere.org or https:\ \ \ \ ourURLhere.org or https:/ / / / ourURLhere.org
I have tried claiming the AP in Maestro using the and the onboarding queue shows it is Onboarded but “Waiting for device”

edit: I was able to onboard the device by using the IP address for the URL with :443 added to the end.

QoS feature is coming after TDD and Backward compatibility are released.
Preliminary ETA is Q1/Q2 2024.
It will work in the same way as it’s implemented for ePMP3000 today including RADIUS VSA parameters.


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I just updated my personal 425 PTP from 5.1.3 to 5.4.2 to test the firmware. I updated my SM side first with no issues, then I updated the AP and when I rebooted it I lost communication to it on the IP. I went to the tower switch and checked neighbors and saw that it had changed the IP to a old tower PTP IP (that was the only config change). I have never ran into this before so I thought I would share.

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@jbliley, could you explain more with exact IPs and other settings on what exactly happened?
Where was “old IP” configured before?

The AP had with 11 MGMT VLAN on it and after applying the update I just clicked the reboot from the GUI and it didn’t come back up on the 10.11 IP but I had a ping going to the SM as well and saw that it had started to ping. So I went to the tower top switch looked in neighbors and saw that it had (this was the old IP from when we had it up between two towers) I don’t know if this IP was configured in SM or AP mode but IP would have been in Configuration>Network>General set to static, We moved IP’s around and got access to the device again and the only thing that had changed in the configuration was the IP. I updated the second bank and when it came back up I changed it to the original 10.11 IP rebooted and no issues since. I can send you the config file if you would like?

@jbliley, sure! PM me please a techsupport file from this radio.
Can you remember what changes you made before upgrade? Except IP address.

Probably you will not bother yourself but it could be nice to know if you can reproduce it on your setup.

I didn’t make any changes to configuration at all, other than changing the IP back after it changed. I’ll get you the techsupport file if a few.

Hello, I tried to download 5.4.2 in ePMP APs and Subscribers from cnMaestro but I could not. cnMaestro gave me this message:

Which could be the problem about that? Is there an solution?

It appears as though you’re trying to update an e1k/e2k/e3k radio with a firmware update intended for the e4k series. The 5.x firmware releases are only intended for the e4k line of products.

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Thanks Eric Ozlelic, such as you said, is an e3k device. In that case which is the recommended firmware version? Or which is the last version that I can download from cnMaestro? When will be available the 5.x firmware for e1k/e2k/e3k devices?