ePMP Software Release 5.7.0 is now available

Supported Platforms

  • ePMP AC Platforms
  • ePMP AX Platforms

Download the firmware and documentation from:


  • Backward compatibility AX-to-AC
    The backward compatibility between ePMP 4xxx APs (or Force 45xx operating in AP role) and ePMP Force 300s SMs is supported. This feature is disabled by default and should be enabled from the UI for interconnection between fourth and third ePMP generations. To enable this feature, navigate to Configuration > Radio and select Enabled for Backward Compatibility (Beta Quality)

  • Quality of Service (QoS)
    Cambium Networks introduces Quality of Service (QoS) implementation for the AX platform. ePMP QoS is a Cambium’s proprietary methods for prioritizing, queueing, and limiting traffic within the system’s Time Division Duplex (TDD) scheduler. QoS feature is not available for ePTP and WLR driver modes.

  • Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU 9600)
    In this release an increased Ethernet MTU support for AX devices is added. An increased MTU value of up to 9600 bytes is supported across ePTP, WLR, and TDD driver modes.

  • Split Sector and Omni mode
    ePMP extends antenna support for Split-Sector and Omni mode.

  • Automated Frequency Control (AFC)
    The Automated Frequency Control (AFC) feature has undergone development, implementation, and testing phases with early adopters. Its functionality has been disabled on the user interface (UI) in version 5.7-RC59 due to pending certification. However, we express confidence that the certification process will conclude within the forthcoming 7-10 days, following which AFC will be activated on the UI as intended in the final 5.7 firmware release.


  • Throughput and latency improvements for the sectors with 10+ SMs connected for
    ePMP45xx/F45xx deployments.
  • Stability Improvements for ePMP 45xx/ePMP 46xx, Force 4xxx/Force 6xxx platforms.
  • Performance improvements for deployments operating in the noisy environment.
  • FCC DFS 5.2 GHz and 5.4 GHz bands are opened for ePMP 4500L and Force 4525.


  • Separate Management Interface may not come up if the device is configured in NAT mode.
  • Slightly higher latency may be seen occasionally for Backward Compatibility deployments compared to AC greenfield.
  • There are performance improvements that specifically benefits the ePMP 45xx series of products when large number of SMs are attached. These improvements span across throughput, stability of connections and overall stability of the system. The customers may notice impact to latency in some cases and this is under development by Cambium Networks with urgency for the upcoming release.
  • In the 4600 series of products, there is significant stability and connection reliability improvements in this release. The scalability performance improvements are not at the same level as the 4500. Cambium Networks is actively working on this and anticipate improvements in the upcoming weeks

Just loaded up 5.7 on my ePMP4600 that we are testing at our office. The AFC section shows nothing at all, is this intended or a bug? I am in Canada in case that is important. Also this ePMP4600 AP in question was changed from USA to Canada country code by Cambium Support due to my Canadian Distributor receiving USA ePMP4600 without realizing it before sending it to me in March. I had Cambium Support assist me in getting the ePMP4600 locked to Canada country code so U-NII-6 band would be open to me since I am in Canada. Mentioning in case that is important.

The ePMP4600 has internet access, DNS and is tracking GPS satellites . The 6GHz spectrum is also completely clean -95 across the band

Could you please raise the ticket with Cambium support again please? It seems the FCC lock has been accidentally removed from your device during the Country Code chance.


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What is the ETA for forward compatibility? (45xx to ePMP3000 AP)

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There is no planned forward compatibility.

Are all the features / fixes in 4.8 carried across to this new 5.7 version?

The 300-25L connected to a PTP connection behaves very strangely.
After Master Update, the client connects after 13 minutes?!?
I don’t know where the problem is but I was already worried that something was wrong.
Please check what could be the reason?

May 24 06:01:12 F300-25L-SP-Plaza snmpd[2620]: DFS status: N/A
May 24 06:01:13 F300-25L-SP-Plaza procd: OK
May 24 06:01:24 F300-25L-SP-Plaza DEVICE-AGENT[4826]: SessionID unavailable, regenerating
May 24 06:08:54 F300-25L-SP-Plaza procd: OK
May 24 06:09:33 F300-25L-SP-Plaza procd: OK
May 24 06:09:36 F300-25L-SP-Plaza procd: /sbin/lanspdx.sh: line 10: is_switch_dev: not found
May 24 06:09:36 F300-25L-SP-Plaza procd: OK
May 24 06:13:13 F300-25L-SP-Plaza kernel: [ 386.640000] SM[bc:e6:7c:70:48:dc] aid=1 associated with AP

Hello @PFR,

do you mean you have updated F325L-F325L link in ePTP mode to 5.7.0 and it got reconnect after 13 min only?
Did you have a chance to download techsupport files? I’m curious to see what was going on when it could not connect.

two questions:

  1. MTU size increase. In the release notes it says that the MTU was increased only for WLR and ePTP but not TDD or PTP-TDD but at the beginning of this thread it says all modes. Which is it?

  2. The release notes show a AFC proxy, is this available now? if not when? My management network is not able to access the internet directly and thus requires a proxy for this.

  1. MTU9600 was available for all modes in Beta firmware, but the bug that affects TDD mode was detected later and changes were reverted for TDD mode. We get it fixed in the next firmware release.

  2. Proxy server is not available yet and mostly it’s the question of the certification and FCC rules compliance.


There is new “monster” in the logs :slight_smile:

May 27 13:23:00 F300-16_Chirana_Wieza snmpd[2828]: ERROR connecting
May 27 18:24:33 F300-16_Chirana_Wieza snmpd[2828]: ERROR connecting
May 27 20:19:54 F300-16_Chirana_Wieza snmpd[2828]: ERROR connecting
May 27 21:59:15 F300-16_Chirana_Wieza snmpd[2828]: ERROR connecting
May 27 23:32:51 F300-16_Chirana_Wieza snmpd[2828]: ERROR connecting
May 28 04:31:09 F300-16_Chirana_Wieza snmpd[2828]: ERROR connecting
May 28 09:38:12 F300-16_Chirana_Wieza snmpd[2828]: ERROR connecting
May 28 16:13:36 F300-16_Chirana_Wieza snmpd[2828]: ERROR connecting
May 28 19:19:48 F300-16_Chirana_Wieza snmpd[2828]: ERROR connecting
May 29 02:12:57 F300-16_Chirana_Wieza snmpd[2828]: ERROR connecting
May 29 06:59:45 F300-16_Chirana_Wieza snmpd[2828]: ERROR connecting
May 29 08:43:36 F300-16_Chirana_Wieza snmpd[2828]: ERROR connecting

Hello @PFR,
thank you for your observation!
Could you drop me a techsupport file from this radio? Is there any issues with that or just a flood in log?

570_log_files.zip (2.7 MB)
Here log files from master and slave.
Everythink work fine, only on all f300-xx same messages in the logs. On 4.8 no errors like this.

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WRL 40 MHz was kicking clients continuously. Changed to 20 MHz and it worked. Wasn’t noise cause I tested in a clean channel. Cambium may want to test this in a lab. 5.7 and 12 subs.