[New Feature - 5.7.0] Backward Compatibility

Affected platforms: AX and AC platforms
Affected versions: 5.7.0 and newer

Starting 5.7 firmware release the Backward Compatibility between ePMP4xxx APs (or Force45xx operating in AP role) and ePMP Force300s SMs is officially supported.
The Backward Compatibility feature is disabled by default and should be enabled on UI on APs for interconnection between 4th and 3rd ePMP generations.

GUI >> Configuration >> Radio:

Both AP and SMs must be upgraded to 5.7 firmware for operation in Backward Compatibility mode.

All further firmware releases will include images both for ePMP4xxx/Force4xxx and ePMP3xxx/Force3xx.

Please note that ePMP46xxs/Force46xx do not support Backward Compatibility.


Time to lab this up and see how it breaks!


We’ve been using it for awhile now… we have a 4500 8x8 with a mix of around 30ish AX and 10ish AC SM’s. Mixed performance seems to be decent, neither AX or AC clients have noticed the change, no one’s complained. The only slight issue is there’s still an AP reboot issue they’re trying to track down… seems to be triggered with higher numbers of SM’s when they connect/reconnect. It doesn’t happen often… maybe once every few days.


I didnt notice a reboot issue during testing but also may not have had enough SMs attached. But now I can load it up and see where it fails!


are force300 the only SMs that are planned to work with the 4500s?

Yes, only AC gen SMs are allowed to talk to ePMP4500s in BC mode at that stage.


Is frequency reuse around the corner for the 4500 APs?

It’s already in place!
It was implemented as part of TDD functionality.


Oh thats fantastic! Thank you @Fedor

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