epmp wireless management vlan

when will the management VLAN problems be fixed ?

if you setup a SM with NAT be it either 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 or the new beta.

it seems the SM replies to the default gateway on the management interface.

here's an example.

if i use a computer in the same management vlan i cannot reach the SM

but after i try to reach the SM from the same vlan, the arp reply get's sent to the default gateway, which then allows me to reach the SM from a different network routed through said gateway.

this is REALY frustrating, as we are running alot of SM's in NAT mode.


Could you please answer the folllowing questions.

- What is your VLAN(Data) ID?
- Do you have "Separate Wireless Management IP" enabled?
If so, do you have "Separate Wireless Management VLAN" enabled?
If enabled, what is the "Separate Wireless Management VLAN ID"?
- Where is the computer connected? Below the SM or Above the AP?



VLAN DATA ID : 1 (not specified in config) we use vlan 1 for distribution of public ip

seperate wireless management ip : enabled

seperate wireless management ip :

seperate wireless management vlan : 224

seperate wireless management gateway

computer is connected above the AP (which also has management vlan of 224, but the ap has no issues)

using wireshark on the 224 vlan, i can see that arp replies from the SM gets sent to instead of me and thus i cant access it.

but since  the gateway now has the arp of the sm stored i can access the sm from a routed network on the gateway.

so by pinging the SM on vlan 224 it "wakes up"

100% of our SM's behave this way and we have tried different firmware, 2.3.3, 2.3.4 and the new beta release

it seems this user has the same problem

reference : http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/ePMP-1000/SM-Management-problem-in-2-3-4/m-p/37865#U37865